Obesity is a serious and complex global health challenge that affects individuals in every culture, community, and country around the world. No one organization, company, or government body can solve this issue alone. It requires the collective efforts of everyone across all sectors – academia, business, concerned citizens, governments, health professionals, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). And that includes The Coca-Cola Company. On May 8, 2013, The Coca-Cola Company announced four global commitments to help find workable solutions to address obesity.

Our Commitments

  • Offer low- or no-calorie beverage options in every market

  • Provide transparent nutrition information, featuring calories on the front of all of our packages

  • Help get people moving by supporting physical activity programs in every country where we do business

  • Market responsibly, including no advertising to children under 12 anywhere in the world

Providing transparent nutrition information, featuring calories on the front of all of our consumer packaging, is a global policy for The Coca-Cola Company. As a leader in the area of front-of-pack nutrition labeling, Coca-Cola was the first beverage company to place front of pack nutrition labeling on nearly all of its packaging.

The Coca-Cola Company’s Policy on Nutrition Labeling is focused on providing consumers with factual, meaningful and understandable nutrition information that enables people to make informed beverage choices to meet individual nutritional and energy needs. It is based on the fact that all foods can be part of an active, healthy lifestyle that includes a sensible, balanced diet and regular physical activity.

Our Policy

  • The Coca-Cola Company provides nutrition information on its packages in line with national regulatory requirements. Where regulations do not exist, nutrition information is provided in line with the Codex Alimentarius Guidelines on Nutrition Labeling (CAC/GL 2-1985).

  • Calorie information (expressed as calories, kilocalories, or kilojoules) is provided on the front of all of our packages1, with the exception of products that must comply with specific product-related nutrition labeling requirements, e.g., mineral water.

  • Where nutrition labeling, including front-of-pack calories, is not feasible, e.g., for certain types of glass bottles, it is provided by alternate means such as Company websites.

  • Where permitted, nutrition information for our products is provided “per serving,” with the serving size determined by national regulations or by industry practices. Where allowed, packages that contain less than two servings provide nutrition information for the full package.

  • Where permitted, we provide percent (%) reference intake information as part of the nutrition information on our packages. This information helps place the amount of calories and select nutrients within the context of the total diet.

  • Reference intake information is presented on packages using nationally-appropriate terminology, e.g., Daily Values (DVs) in the U.S. and Canada, Reference Intakes (RI) in Europe, and Guideline Daily Amounts (GDAs) in many countries around the world including Mexico, Chile, and South Africa.

  •  We do not promote the calories in our beverages, or the percent reference intake that is provided, as a nutritional component that is “needed” by the body as part of daily caloric intake. Caloric needs are individual, based on numerous factors, including gender, age, height, weight and physical activity levels. As such, there is not a standard daily caloric requirement that applies to everyone.

  • We provide leadership in the implementation of front-of-pack calorie information as part of national, regional and international initiatives carried out in collaboration with public and private stakeholders.

  • We continue to engage with stakeholders to support appropriate messaging and educational campaigns to help build people’s awareness, understanding and use of fact-based nutrition information, including front-of-pack calorie information, to enable informed choice.

1 To avoid package waste, front-of-pack calorie information will be added to refillable/returnable glass bottles and refillable PET bottles as new packaging is introduced.

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