Melissa, Brand Marketing

What are the secret ingredients that make your job at The Coca-Cola Company so refreshing?

Taste the Excitement
“Being a part of such a global icon makes each day exciting. Right now, I’m in the energy drink category. It’s a new category to the company, which makes things so interesting. The oldest energy brand has only been around for a year, so it’s a huge departure from the traditional Coca-Cola brands. It’s amazing to see when a new brand and its marketing programs connect with the consumers.

We are such an immense brand, and really an icon to the whole world. It takes the efforts of entire teams to get programs and products into the mainstream marketplace. And that’s why everyone shares the same passion for the brands and the Company. The results of their efforts and teamwork can be seen all over the world. It’s truly a rewarding experience. From the way I’ve grown personally and professionally to traveling to different countries and experiencing different cultures to even the community efforts of the Company, there’s always excitement around the corner.”