Tania, Information Technology General Management

What are the secret ingredients that make your job at The Coca-Cola Company so refreshing?

A Touch of Excitement
"The thought of driving change for a company as historical and almost legendary as The Coca-Cola Company is exciting. It’s exciting because of the link with the consumer. We work at a real level that connects directly with billions of people around the globe each and every day. We are a part of the best known brand in the world and with that comes a tremendous amount of responsibility. As a relative new-comer to the organization, I have always identified with The Coca-Cola Company as a consumer, but now as an associate I get to be part of the heritage, and more importantly, I get to be part of what’s to come. To me, that is what’s awesome!"

A Splash of Creativity
"I like the diversity of the organization. The ideas, the markets, the portfolio of brands and approach, it’s like a small company where you can make an impact and see the difference. It’s where a little gem of an idea can and has turned into something extraordinary. The company encourages and supports you being “fluid”. You can look beyond your job description to other ideas you might have.  You’re not just doing a j-o-b. You have the freedom to innovate and execute your ideas. It’s really like a big and small company all in one."