Alex, Strategy and Business Development

What are the secret ingredients that make your job at The Coca-Cola Company so refreshing?

A Touch of Amazing
“First and foremost is the people, who are highly talented and come from diverse backgrounds.  Second is the amazing global reach of the System, which touches people living in almost every corner of our planet.  Third is being associated with the world’s best known brand.

Now I have a common topic with everyone I run into everywhere – family, friends, former colleagues, taxi drivers, immigration officers, etc, who all wear a smile when they hear what I do and are eager to share stories and ask questions relating to our Company.”

A Splash of Brilliance
“I joined The Coca-Cola Company because of the opportunities to work, socialize with and learn from a diverse group of talented individuals who have made wonderful results happen, and to make tangible changes to businesses that are currently facing challenges.

I appreciate the variety of people and business issues I come across everyday, and the impeccable support I get from country and function experts.”

And Add Some Innovation
“What is not apparent to outsiders and to me before I joined is the diversity and breadth of our beverage portfolio in each market.  The conversations I have with people I run in to continues with them saying, “I didn’t know that Heaven and Earth is a The Coca-Cola Company product as well.  The product tastes great and has great promotion programs.”