Hector, Supply Chain General Management

What are the secret ingredients that make your job at The Coca-Cola Company so refreshing?

A Touch of Family
“I’m excited about my job because it’s my family – it’s where I belong. I feel rewarded and appreciated for what I do. I enjoy every single aspect of my job, and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else besides The Coca-Cola Company. I can truly say, I love my job and the people I work with.”

A Splash of Unbelievable
“The diverse opportunities here are unbelievable. I began in manufacturing over 20 years ago in Puerto Rico. Since then, I’ve worked with The Coca-Cola Company in Mexico, Atlanta and Ireland. The global experiences have been amazing. It’s given me a chance to meet many different people from all over the globe. It’s surreal when you interact with these people because we all share the same passion for the business and our portfolio of brands. You can say, no matter what, we all speak the same language.“

Add Some Growth
“There’s a lot of growth at The Coca-Cola Company. Professionally, I feel rewarded as there are many new challenges, which allow me to grow, learn and explore. In addition, I like the role that my organization plays in the entire system. Our responsibility is to supply the concentrate to the bottlers, so seeing the growth and expansion is exciting.”