Rebecca, Global Marketing

What are the secret ingredients that make your job at The Coca-Cola Company so refreshing?

One Part Diversity
“The amount of diversity at The Coca-Cola Company is tremendous. Our worldwide scale and scope exposes us to a variety of countries, consumers and people’s lives. Our work makes people happy. We provide optimism through our brands, and we refresh many different people every day. The work I do gives a framework that connects people around the world. The variety of international exposure has given me the chance to live in four different countries. I have had an opportunity to help the Company regain its leadership position as the most respected marketing company worldwide, internally and externally. The people here are amazing. You’ll find the most passionate and talented individuals from all walks of life.”

One Part Inspiration
“My experience at The Coca-Cola Company has probably changed my life. It has helped me develop as an individual, opened my mind to cultures and perspectives and has exposed me to life-changing experiences. My personal relationships with people inside the Company have grown into some of my best friendships. I have experienced things I believe only The Coca-Cola Company made happen.”