Vikram, Strategic Growth

What are the secret ingredients that make your job at The Coca-Cola Company so refreshing?

One Part Impact
“The impact that The Coca-Cola Company has is amazing. I've been with The Coca-Cola Company for a short time and and I can already see the meaningful significance that The Coca-Cola Company makes in the world. Many of our products are sold at small “mom and pop” stores. The margins the owners receive on our products often impacts their ability to support their family, and gives them an opportunity to send their kids to college. It can transform their lives from a traditional economy to a modern economy with more opportunity. The value that we create and share is more than just providing a refreshing beverage. We truly have global impact and are making a difference.”

One Part Passion
“There is a tremendous amount of fantastic history and tradition here. At first I thought that because of this the culture would be slow to react and bound by hierarchy. That’s definitely not the case. The culture is very fact-based and they are quick to move into action. They believe in their portfolio of brands and look to constantly improve and expand. From management to entry-level, everyone shares the same passion and has a clear understanding of what needs to be done.”