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  • Jobs
    Intern with Project Last Mile
    Project Last Mile Through the Eyes of a Coke Intern
    People often ask, “How is Coca-Cola able to get products to the most remote locations of the earth, but public sector systems struggle to get essential medicines and equipment to the same locations?” This is a fair and critical question, but it is not the only one worth asking. What we should be
  • Culture
    Brett Dennen
    What Does Happiness Sound Like? Brett Dennen's Playlist
    Our next happy-themed playlist on Spotify comes courtesy of US singer-songwriter Brett Dennen.Born and raised in North California, Brett's hometown and roots were the source of inspiration behind his most recent studio album ‘Smoke N Mirrors’ which is his fifth record and was released in October
  • Sports
    Randal and Rena’ Lane
    Coke Employee Preps for Crossfit World Games
    How would you feel about being ranked in the top 20 in the world... at anything? Well, Randal Lane knows the feeling, and he says it feels great.  Currently, the Coca-Cola North America employee is the world's 19th fittest man between 45 and 49 years old, according to the 2014 Crossfit Games
  • Brands
    Coca-Cola in bicycle basket
    Most Respected: Coke Tops CoreBrand Ranking
    At Coca-Cola, we understand that selling products is not the only thing that makes a company successful. We know that strong and innovative leadership and a positive corporate reputation are the building blocks to instilling trust in our brands, not only for our consumers, but also for our
  • Sustainability
    Festival Folclórico de Parentins
    Sustainable Celebration: Parintins Folklore Festival
    Each year as July approaches, the quiet city of Parintins in Amazonas, Brazil, comes alive as thousands of visitors from around the world arrive to celebrate Festival Folclórico de Parentins (Parintins Folklore Festival). For three days in late June, the population of Parintins grows from
  • History
    World of Coca-Cola at night
    7 Reasons to Visit the World of Coke This Summer
    This year, the World of Coca-Cola is celebrating its seventh anniversary at Pemberton Place. Located in downtown Atlanta across from Centennial Olympic Park, the World of Coca-Cola celebrates the fascinating history and global scale of The Coca-Cola Company. For those who have never been or who