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  • Jobs
    out of office
    Jumping for Joy: Coke Employee Skydives Over 50 Times
    One day I woke up feeling a little sad at the grey and stressing sky of São Paulo. I’ve always believed that only two things are real problems in life: health issues or death. If your “problem” is not related to one of these things, get up and face life with the best makeup you can use: a
  • Culture
    Have a Happy Holiday Playlist
    Celebrate the Holiday Season with @Spotify, GIF-style
    We're kicking off the holiday season with an animated take on our Have a Happy Holiday Spotify playlist. (Located in the top right corner of this page). Every day in December, we’ll announce a new track to add to the playlist… GIF-style. Get in the holiday spirit with the daily GIFs and
  • Sustainability
    5by20 - Maya
    5by20: Best Global Initiative for Women’s Empowerment
    The Coca-Cola Company’s 5by20 program was named Best Global Initiative for Women’s Economic Empowerment at the Women in Leadership Economic Forum in Dubai. Susan Mboya, president of The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation, and Antoine Tayyar, director of public affairs and communications for Coca-Cola
  • Business
    Facing rejection
    What 1,000 Rejections Have Taught Me
    "Sorry, I have a crush on JW." That one sentence broke my heart when I confessed my love for her. I was only 8 years old, but I felt like an old man. I looked at JW and wondered what he had that I did not have. Sure, he was taller and cuter, but I was smarter and sweeter. I was so
  • Innovation
    Startup Weekend Coke Case
    Making a ‘Case’ for the Coke Case at Startup Weekend
    It was the third and concluding day of Startup Weekend at Coca-Cola. Final presentations were in approximately seven hours and our three-person group was feeling the onset of exhaustion. Patience had expired long before. None of us had felt the crisp Atlanta autumn breeze all weekend due to
  • Brands
    Coke Life Adweek
    Coca-Cola Life Spot Named Among Year's Top Ads
    A popular Coca-Cola Life commercial has made Adweek’s list of the 10 Best Ads of 2014. The 60-second ad from Coca-Cola Argentina, produced by the Buenos Aires-based agency Santo, chronicles the joys and pains of parenting. After premiering in December 2013, “Ser Padres (Parenthood)” quickly went