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  • Jobs
    Carolyn Norton Out of Office
    #OutofOffice: My Journey to the Pearl of Africa
    Bordered by the Sudan, Congo, Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania, Uganda is a beautiful country in East Africa affectionately known as “The Pearl of Africa." In November, I had the amazing opportunity to visit this breathtaking place on a mission trip with a ministry called 410 Bridge.I first became
  • Community
    ParticipACTION: Making a Big Difference in Teens' Lives
    New research on the ParticipACTION Teen Challenge, sponsored by Coca-Cola Canada, provides evidence that small, targeted investments of $250 to $500 can help break down the barriers that prevent teens from getting active. The study, conducted by four leading Canadian researchers, revealed that
  • Innovation
    Girls Get IT program
    Challenging Teen Girls to Create Breakthrough Ideas
    Let’s face it; there are some things girls just get. Call it a sixth sense, female intuition or even girl power. Whatever it is, it’s undeniable. So when Coca-Cola teamed up with Women in Technology (WIT) as a host of their Girls Get IT program to challenge the girls to create the next big idea for
  • Environment
    EKOCYCLE Reduced, Reused, Recycled & Rocked 2014
    EKOCYCLE Reduced, Reused, Recycled and Rocked 2014
    EKOCYCLE had an amazing year in 2014— connecting with millions through our shared passions for music, style and sustainability. We inspired people all across the country and world to reconsider wasteful habits, and to reimagine waste as a potential new source for creating things we all want and
  • Sustainability
    {Powering Education
    Global Shapers Address Energy Poverty
    The journey of Powering Education can be encompassed by one African proverb “If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”Originating more than a year ago, this initiative brought together two Hubs, Rome and Nairobi, united and driven by a shared mission to improve the state
  • Business
    Summit Leadership Series
    Millennial Leaders: Global Shapers Speak at Summit
    In 2014, The Coca-Cola Company’s Bottling Investments Group (BIG) conducted the Summit Leadership Series, a world-class curriculum based on Coca-Cola’s five leadership behaviors: 1) Drive Innovation; 2) Collaborate with the System, Customers and Key Stakeholders; 3) Act Like an Owner; 4) Inspire