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  • Sustainability
    Changing the Course of the Colorado River
    Changing the Course of our Water Future – For Good
    Sandra Postel is Freshwater Fellow of the National Geographic Society and Co-Creator of Change the Course.Growing up a beach kid on New York’s Long Island, I might have easily gravitated to ocean conservation for my life’s work.  But it was freshwater that grabbed me – how it sustains this
  • Sports
    Christy biking in a triathlon
    Dreams Come True: A Coke Career and Triathlons
    We host a monthly series on Unbottled called #OutofOffice where we highlight many of our Coca-Cola employees who agreed to share what makes them happy when they're away from the desk. This post today goes right along with the series but is also a little different. Coke employee Christy Greenwood
  • Culture
    Theme Park
    Listen to Theme Park's Spotify Happiness Playlist
    March 20th marks the official International Day of Happiness. To celebrate, we asked a host of artists to tell us which songs make them feel especially happy. Follow the Coca-Cola Spotify page for regular updates and happiness-inspired playlists. First up is London band Theme Park. The
  • Business
    Bob Okello at #JourneyOn
    Inside Look at #CokeJourney & #JourneyOn
    Journalism runs through my veins. Though I studied Economics, I wanted to be a journalist because I like muckraking. Several years after I left the profession for the proper corporate and became enamored with the important contributory work of public policy lobbying and government relations, I
  • Business
    Global Shapers
    If You Were the Chairman of Coke, What Would You Do?
    IF YOU BECAME THE CHAIRMAN AT COCA-COLA, WHAT WOULD BE YOUR FIRST MOVES?  WHAT CHANGE WOULD YOU MAKE? These and other tough questions were made to Tomas de Lara and me on December 16th, on a beautiful sunny morning filled with many powerful insights in the headquarters of Coca-Cola Brasil, in
  • Sports
    World-Class Swimmer and Coca-Cola Employee Annamaria Gazda
    World-Class Athlete and Coke Employee's Happy Place
    This #OutofOffice monthly series highlights many of our Coca-Cola employees who agreed to share what makes them happy when they're away from the desk. This series was brought to life through our Coca-Cola Europe team who was sharing these stories internally. One story was sent