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  • Sustainability
    School children
    Global Water Challenge Success and Progress
    Around the world, developed and developing markets are facing increasing water challenges. The facts paint a grim picture: 443 million school days are lost due to water-related illnesses every year. One in nine people do not have access to safe, clean drinking water. Less than one percent of the
  • Culture
    Elyar Fox
    What Does Happiness Sound Like? Elyar Fox's Spotify Playlist
    Taking control of our next artist curated playlist on Spotify is British teen sensation Elyar Fox. Listen to the playlist right here, right now: Hot off the heels of his UK top 5 debut single ‘Do It All Over Again’, Elyar has been busy supporting "The Wanted" on tour and preparing for
  • Innovation
    Coca-Cola Life
    Coca-Cola Life to Make U.S. Debut
    Coca-Cola Life – a reduced-calorie cola sweetened with cane sugar and stevia leaf extract – will arrive stateside the week of Aug. 25. At 60 calories per 8-oz. glass bottle, Coca-Cola Life has 35 percent fewer calories than other leading colas**. Following successful launches in Argentina, Chile
  • History
    Coke archives
    Coca-Cola History Travels to the New London Office
    It all started with a simple phone call to discuss the London office moving and the design ideas for the new space. Last November, Ted Ryan and I spoke with the Design team working on the Wimpole office space and their vision to display archival pieces. Little did I know that I would be making
  • Sports
    Randal and Rena’ Lane
    Coke Employee Preps for Crossfit World Games
    How would you feel about being ranked in the top 20 in the world... at anything? Well, Randal Lane knows the feeling, and he says it feels great.  Currently, the Coca-Cola North America employee is the world's 19th fittest man between 45 and 49 years old, according to the 2014 Crossfit Games
  • Community
    ALS Awareness
    Pete's #IceBucketChallenge to Strike Out ALS
    I want to share a story that I hope reaches friends of my friends' friends. I'm in the midst of a large hashtag campaign spreading awareness for a terminal disease called ALS; also known as Lou Gehrig's disease. I have an inspiring story to share from a fellow Boston College alumnus. The story is