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  • Innovation
    BaseStone Visit to TCCC HQ_604
    4 Things a Software Startup Learned at Coca-Cola
    The teams behind a pair of startups, Codacy and BaseStone, recently spent a week learning from Coca-Cola executives and Atlanta’s entrepreneurial community after taking top honors at the PITCH 2014 competition held during the Web Summit in Dublin, Ireland. The grand prize includes access to the
  • Community
    The First EKOCENTERs Built Exclusively in Africa Thumbnail
    Behind the Scenes: First EKOCENTERs Built in Africa
    We recently had an opportunity to visit the site of the first EKOCENTERs built in Africa in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. EKOCENTER is a modular community market that provides safe water, solar power and Internet access and many other products and services. Each EKOCENTER is run by a local woman
  • Sustainability
    Addressing Global Issues
    Leading through Change: Child Labor, Forced Labor and Land Rights
    In a social media world of increasing transparency, the expectations of companies to address their human rights impacts have increased substantially. For the past decade, it has been my job at The Coca-Cola Company to make sure that we have the right policies, day-to-day practices, and tools in
  • Culture
    Peter Astedt
    Musichelp: A Q&A With and Playlist from Peter Astedt
    Why not run into a Swedish music entrepreneur in Barbados? To be fair, we were there for the first Caribbean Music Summit, hosted by the local ministry to coincide with their legislation and investment in the local music industry. For the past 25 years, Stockholm native Peter Astedt has been
  • Brands
    Emoji billboard
    Speaking Millennial: Connecting with Younger Generation Through Emojis
    If you want to connect with Millennials, you have to speak their language. For Coca-Cola Puerto Rico, that means communicating through emojis. An emoji is a small digital image, such as a smiley face, used to express emotions or thoughts in place of words in a text message and/or social
  • Sports
    LeBron's Mix 604
    Sprite, LeBron James Bring Back a Fan Favorite
    Sprite and LeBron James are at it again. The superstar's limited-edition Sprite flavor is back with a new name and a new look, but the same great, unique taste. Sprite LeBron's Mix, which was formulated in collaboration with James, combines the taste of traditional Sprite with a splash of