On a recent Saturday afternoon, Miami Dade College buzzed with more than 600 Latina women – from high-schoolers to mothers – who were eager to learn. The subject at hand: financial empowerment.

The Adelante Movement and Coca-Cola joined forces with People en Español’s “25 Most Influential Women” platform on Sept. 17 to host Poderosas Live!, a day of empowerment and business skills training for Latina high school students, college students and women from the community. Participants benefited from educational and interactive workshops that helped prepare them to be self-made entrepreneurs and achieve financial independence. 

The Adelante Movement, which aims to unite and empower Latinas economically and entrepreneurially, is part of The Coca-Cola Company’s global 5by20 initiative to enable 5 million women entrepreneurs by 2020.

Nely Galán, founder of The Adelante Movement, delivered an inspiring keynote address and a workshop on “How To Live a Rich Life in Every Way,” teaching women how to set financial goals, invest in their business and make money while they sleep.

Nely Galán

Nely Galán leads an Adelante workshop on how to “Live a Rich Life in Every Way” 

The energy in the crowd was palpable, as attendees listened intently to Galan’s words of wisdom, nodding their heads and cheering in approval. Women were engaged, inspired and interacting at every opportunity, soaking up the guidance on how to create an abundant life for their families.

"I was sitting front row! I took lots of notes. Nely has a lot of good actionable advice. I want to follow in Nely's steps and learn how to push forward to become successful," said Lourdes, an event participant. 

Coca-Cola, The Adelante Movement and Walmart also presented a $10,000 contribution to Miami Dade College to provide seven scholarships for its new Certificate of Business Entrepreneurship Program. The program teaches participants how to develop a business idea into a reality or grow an existing business, and event participants were encouraged to sign up to apply for the scholarship that day. 

Representatives from Coca-Cola, The Adelante Movement and Walmart

Representatives from Coca-Cola, The Adelante Movement and Walmart present a check to Miami Dade College to fund scholarships. From left to right: Sarah Tuskey, Dr. Beverly Moore-Garcia, Begoñe Cazalis, Nely Galán, Sarah Marske, Miriam Torres, Dr. Rick Soria

After the Adelante workshop, participants had the chance to get a signed copy of Galan’s New York Times bestseller, SELF MADE, along with the newly published Spanish version of her book, ¡ADELANTE! Cómo ser EMPRENDEDORA y AUTOSUFICIENTE para alcanzar una vida RICA y REALIZADA.

The day also created memorable moments for a group of high school students from the Kiwanis Club of Little Havana, Crowns of Love program. They participated in a private meet and greet with Nely where they received a free, signed copy of the book and a Coca-Cola 5by20 t-shirt.

Kiwanis Club of Little Havana, Crowns of Love program, and Nely Galán

High school students from the Kiwanis Club of Little Havana, Crowns of Love program, and Nely Galán.

As women lined up to meet with Galan and get their books signed, you could feel the excitement and the admiration in the room. Each woman had the opportunity to tell her about their hopes and dreams, and many expressed their genuine gratitude for her time and words of inspiration.

"I admire Nely for what she is doing. It inspires women of all ages to think about what actions to take and what they need even at the age of 40-65. What do you need? You need to be fearless," said a participant named Mariela.