During World War II, Coca-Cola President Robert Woodruff pledged to make Coca-Cola available within arm’s reach of every soldier stationed around the world. Now, 75 years later, The Coca-Cola Company is making good on another commitment to military men and women even closer to home.

In 2012 the company pledged to hire 5,000 veterans within 5 years. One year ahead of schedule, the company hired its 5,000th veteran, Marc Wallace, as an account manager based in Conroe, Texas.

Meet Marc Wallace: Coca-Cola’s 5,000th Veteran Hire

Previously, Wallace was an Information Dominance Warfare Officer in the U.S. Navy, providing tactical and strategic information to troops and senior officers. The role, Wallace believes, required a strong work ethic and flexibility that translates well to his position with Coca-Cola.

Meet Marc Wallace: Coca-Cola’s 5,000th Veteran Hire

“Veterans bring a willingness to adapt to change,” Wallace explains. “In both the corporate world and the military world, change is constant and we must always be willing to look forward to upcoming challenges and opportunities.”

Brooke Camp, program manager for strategic recruitment programs and partnerships in Coca-Cola North America's Talent Acquisition department, agrees. The company benefits from the unique skills veterans offer, she says 

“Veterans bring a significant wealth of qualities including discipline, character, and the ability to perform quickly under pressure,” Camp adds. “Since Mr. Woodruff's pledge, we have had a strong commitment to not only support our troops but to leverage their strengths and abilities to add value to our organization.”

Meet Marc Wallace: Coca-Cola’s 5,000th Veteran Hire

Camp, who came from a military family herself, is proud to be a part of an organization that “values and supports people from every walk of life, including and especially those who have served our country by keeping us safe.”

As for Wallace, he, too, is proud to work for the company and is “honored to represent the growing number of veterans at Coca-Cola as the 5,000th hire.”

“As a veteran," he concludes, "it means a great deal to work for a company that not only performs at the top of their game operationally and financially, but that also helps others in their time of need.”