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Top 10 Ways You Can Celebrate Earth Hour

By:  Bryan Jacob Mar 27, 2014
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Earth Hour Wendy Clark

Our SVP of Integrated Marketing Communications, Wendy Clark, tweeted a picture of her family playing games by candlelight in celebration of Earth Hour.

On Saturday, March 29, at 8:30 p.m., millions of people will turn off their lights for one hour to support WWF’s Earth Hour 2014. Existing since 2007, Earth Hour mobilizes people to take action for one hour out of environmental concern, and it has been driving big and small changes beyond that hour ever since.

Earth Hour now inspires a global community with participation from 7,001 cities and towns across more than 150 countries and territories. For several years, Coca-Cola has supported Earth Hour by darkening some of our most iconic signs, encouraging associates to participate, and turning off the lights in office buildings and bottling facilities. This year, we’re inviting you, our fellow community members, to celebrate Earth Hour with us.

The 2014 Earth Hour theme is “ Use Your Power to Make Change A Reality.” So, I’ve compiled a list of 10 ways you can use, or not use, your power to make change a reality. So when you turn off your lights for one hour on March 29, spend your time doing something on the list below:

  1. Host a dinner and/or game night by candlelight
  2. Play flashlight tag with your kids or friends
  3. Go to a park (or your yard) and have a picnic in the dark
  4. Have a campfire and tell stories
  5. Talk to someone instead of texting them … come on, it’s just an hour
  6. Host an outside block (or apartment, condo, community) party with your neighbors (candles or battery-operated lanterns make for any needed light)
  7. Take a nap (who couldn’t use a few extra ZZZs?)
  8. Write about your experience in the dark – a great way to engage kids too
  9. Go out and take pictures of the night – it’s amazing what a different view you’ll see
  10. Extend the hour! Consider making a few small adjustments to save energy and money every day – unplug items when not in use (mobile phone chargers for example), turn off lights when you leave a room, walk or bike for short distance trips/errands, turn your thermostat up (AC) or down (heat) 2 degrees, etc.

Have more ideas to add? Please share them in the comments below.