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Genius Products For Portion Control

By:  Kelly Thore Jun 3, 2013
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When it comes to eating healthy, how much you consume is just as important as what you consume. And if you’re judging your intake by eyeballing what’s on your plate, you’re probably racking up more calories per meal than you think.

“Most people tend to wildly underestimate their meal sizes, and that packs on the pounds over time, even if they eat nutritiously,” explains Angela Ginn, RD, a nutritionist in Maryland and spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. “Also, we see such exaggerated servings at restaurants, it can really throw our perception out of whack.”

That’s where these genius gadgets come in. Each one relies on USDA portion-size guidelines to sneakily eliminate the guesswork, so you have more control over your food and drink choices and don’t have to worry about overdoing it at mealtime.

1. Portionware Dish Set

These cute, dishwasher-safe plastic totes, perfect for packing a work lunch or a gym snack, are color-coded—with each bright hue representing a different size, from a half-cup to two full cups. This makes it super easy to measure out the exact portion size you want, and the airtight containers keep food fresh too.
Price: $29.99 (five bowls and lids)

2. Precise Portions Glasses.

Liquid calories can sneak up on you fast, but not if you pour your beverage into these drinking glasses. The discreet, decorative lines etched on at the 4-, 6- and 8-ounce marks help you keep track of precisely how much you’re sipping.
Price: $29.95 (four glasses)

3. Healthy Steps Serving Set

With a solid spoon for starches, a slotted spoon for vegetables, and a spatula for proteins, each tool in this set holds enough food to equal exactly one portion size. They’re a huge help when you’re serving family meals or having a dinner party, letting everyone at the table know how much they’re heaping on their plate.
Price: $13.99 (one set of three)

4. Healthy Steps Pasta Basket

This dishwasher-safe silicone basket measures one serving of any kind
of pasta, from macaroni to spaghetti. Attach it to the side of your
pot, so you can boil and then strain your pasta in the same perfectly
portioned unit.
Price: $9.99 (one basket)

5. Slimware Dinner Plates

They resemble ordinary ceramic dinner plates, but those circle accents aren’t just for decoration. Each represents a visual serving size for different food groups. The largest section represents veggies, the next largest protein, and the smallest is for carbs. It’s genius and stylish (and microwave safe) at the same time.
Price: $59 (four plates)

6. Healthy Steps Dressing Lid

Salad dressing is typically high in fat and calories, so even a little extra can throw off your healthy weight goal. Consider this lid your salad-dressing safety net. It fits right over the container and dispenses two-tablespoon increments at a time, the equivalent of one serving. The lid also fits most condiment bottles, so you can use it
for tarter sauce and mayo too.
Price: $6 (one lid)

7. Nasco Food Cards

Keep this set of 100 plastic, compact cards in your purse or glove compartment, and you’ll always have them on hand to decode tricky restaurant portion-size dilemmas. Each features a popular food or menu item, a life-size illustration of what one serving looks like, and nutritional information such as calorie and fat counts.
Price: $27.50 (one set of 100 cards)