Careers: Are You Looking for a New Job This Year?

By  Ashley Callahan Jan 10, 2013
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Are You Looking for a New Job in 2013?
Are You Looking for a New Job This Year?
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You've almost made it through the first quarter of the New Year.  Did you take stock of your life and decide to make improvements over the past year?  If you're like most people, your job and your work life are a common subject of re-evaluation. After all, the time we spend at work amounts to a significant amount of our waking hours.

We want to know if you made a resolution to find a new job this year. If you did, are you looking for a new position or an entirely new career? Jump into our comments section and tell us what is motivating you and what you're hoping to find. If you're happy with your job, we still want to hear from you, too. Tell us why your job is rewarding!