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21 Appetizer Recipes
  • Coca-Cola Brie Pastry Puffs
    The Big Game is upon us and I really don’t think anyone is more excited than me! While I'm not excited for the game, I'm excited for the FOOD! Nothing beats a coffee table full of tasty treats, beverages and glorious goodies. I’m about to share with you the first thing on my game day menu, which combines America's favorite beverage, Coca-Cola, and ooey-gooey melted brie cheese nestled in a soft puff pastry. It’s a super simple bite-size snack sensation that won’t disappoint.These little nuggets will no doubt be this year’s champions at your Big Game celebration, and will most definitely be devoured before halftime. Make lots, and prepare to be tackled the moment you bring these babies out to the table. Each cheesy bite is as light as air and delicately drizzled with a sweet Coca-Cola glaze that's out of this world.   Get your game day goodies on and be the MVP of your house! About the AuthorAmy Erickson is the voice behind Oh, Bite It. She creates fun and unique kitchen creations that are mostly all happy accidents. She is not a trained chef and doesn’t take food too seriously. She just finds it fun to keep things interesting in the kitchen.Amy is one of our food bloggers for The Opener, an exclusive, invite-only contributor network that will bring the best food, culture, and innovation writing to the pages of Coca-Cola Journey.Recipe 
  • Chef Hopkins' Coca-Cola Tomato Aspic
    Jell-O or gelatin salads were often called congealed salads at Southern tables and were fixtures at big Sunday suppers. Atlanta chef Linton Hopkins, an eighth-generation Georgian, recalls their importance during his own childhood.  "Congealed salads were a big part of our family buffets," says Hopkins, owner and chef at Restaurant Eugene and Holeman & Finch Gastropub. "Grated carrot was a classic as was the ubiquitous tomato aspic." Hopkins created a modern version of his childhood salad using Coca-Cola as a sweetener along with fresh mayonnaise, pickled horseradish and Vidalia onions. 

  • Coke BBQ Wings
    What could possibly make BBQ wings taste even better? Why, Coke of course! Dig into this tasty recipe courtesy of Chef G. Garvin. 

  • Tomato and Cucumber Salad
    A salad the whole family can make. Parents can slice the tomatoes and cucumbers, and let kids clip the scallion greens into bits with clean kitchen shears. Then let the kids combine the rest of the ingredients.  

  • Root Beer pulled BBQ chicken sliders
    There was a time last century when sailors in the US Navy used the term “sliders” for hamburgers so greasy that the patties slid across the grill as ships swayed in the rolling surf.  The old White Castle hamburger chain picked up the term and used it for burgers so small that customers could slide each one down the hatch in a single bite. Nowadays the term refers to any small sandwich you can eat in a bite or two. Here is a tasty example from my book Weber’s New Real Grilling. The recipe features grilled chicken thighs that are shredded and then coated with a root beer barbecue sauce. The term “root beer” has its own American story that involves a chemist in Biloxi, Mississippi experimenting with some roots, berries and herbs in 1898 to make a bubbly beverage. Somehow it seems fitting that these two culinary terms with curious origins (sliders and root beer) should meet on a plate… but not home plate, which is the territory of a totally different kind of slider. 
  • ginger chicken wings
    This simple, savory recipe -- courtesy of reader Una Yu of New York, N.Y. -- provides a tasty addition to your Big Game spread. Please check out the links below for more great recipes. 

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