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#TBT: Kick Off the College Football Season with Coca-Cola

By:  Emily Bucherati Aug 28, 2013
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1924 painted ad

This painting of sportsmen and women dates to 1924 - nineteen years after the NCAA was founded to reform college football, and just four years after the formation of the NFL. While painting and illustration had long been a part of the advertising world, this is an early example of one to feature sports. Check out the 20s-era football player on the left, and then see more Coke ads created by famous artists here.

It's almost gameday!

As the U.S. college football season kicks off this weekend, we're using this Throwback Thursday #TBT to take a look back at some of the many times Coca-Cola and pigskin have gone hand in hand over the years. (Sometimes literally! Give this barbecued ham recipe a shot next time you're having friends over for the big game.)

Keep checking back with Journey this football season as we bring you everything from sports journalism to behind-the-scenes videos to recipes and more.

1928 Coca-Cola delivery truck

Our delivery trucks look a little different these days! This football-themed truck hit the roads serving up Coke and happiness in 1928. Almost a century later, we would take that mission to a whole new level with the Happiness Truck.

first color college ad

This ad, from 1942, was Coke's very first use of color in college football programs.

sprite boy football ad

This center spread from a 1945 football program features both a helpful guide to referee signals and the character known as "Sprite Boy." Sprite Boy was only used in ads, interestingly enough, in the 40s and 50s, well before the invention of the beverage Sprite in 1961.

TV ad 1957

"Coke scores points," declares this 1957 ad, featuring a family gathering around for food and football. Today, we've got you covered for gameday recipes, whether you'll be sitting around the table or tailgating in the parking lot. Try out these Coca-Cola chicken wings, or this great barbecue sauce. Got your own football food favorites? Submit them to us here!