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Happiness You Can Hear: Coca-Cola Remixes Bottle Sounds

By:  Journey Staff May 16, 2013
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Demo of the Coca-Cola Remix Bottle

Coca-Cola is putting a fun, fresh twist on “Opening Happiness” through a social music project called the Coca-Cola Remix Bottle.

Young Japanese DJ-inventor Jun Fujiwara Fujiwara embedded a sound-recording device inside a Coca-Cola bottle, hit the streets of Tokyo. The bottle captured everyday sounds when opened, which could be immediately played back by closing and reopening the bottle. The aural snippets were later overlaid with the familiar “psssttt” sound created by opening a Coke bottle and remixed into shareable music tracks.

“There is no mistaking the sound you hear when you open a bottle of Coca-Cola,” said Leonardo O’Grady, ASEAN IMC director, Coca-Cola. “With the Coca-Cola Remix Bottle, we have given the classic opening ritual a new twist. By remixing everyday sounds, we have reinvented the sound of happiness whether it’s from a busy street, children playing or people involved in sport.”

The remixes are available at www.cokeremixbottle.com as free downloadable ringtones and music videos.