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Shareowner Information

Our mission is to create value for you, our shareowners, over the long term. We are pleased to have you as a shareowner and grateful for the confidence you have demonstrated by entrusting us with your investment.

Here you can find information about your investment in The Coca-Cola Company.

Two-For-One Stock Split: find answers to frequently asked questions about the two-for-one stock split payable August 10, 2012.

Annual Meeting of Shareowners: learn more about the 2014 Annual Meeting of Shareowners on April 23, 2014, view the proxy materials, submit written or video questions in advance of the meeting, access the webcast of the meeting and learn more about our Company.

Shareowner Services: this section answers frequently asked questions about owning stock in The Coca-Cola Company, Computershare (the Company’s transfer agent), the Company’s Direct Stock Purchase and Dividend Reinvestment Plan, how to contact Shareowner Services and more.

Civic Action Network (CAN): sign up to participate in CAN, a non-partisan grassroots network of citizens and businesses set up to educate our stakeholders about national, state and local issues affecting our industry.

Having trouble finding the answer to your shareowner question?  Contact Shareowner Services at The Coca-Cola Company.