Through reporting, diversity advisory councils, diversity roundtable discussions with associates and Business Resource Groups, we are working to implement and maintain programs that help assure our success in embracing the similarities and differences of people, cultures and ideas.

Our Diversity Advisory Councils represent associates from all functions and business units of The Coca-Cola Company. The Councils make recommendations for senior management on how to advance the Company's efforts towards achieving our diversity goals.

An example is our Women’s Leadership Council (WLC), which was established to foster diversity and the development of future leaders for the Company. The role of the WLC is to develop recommendations and advise senior leaders on global strategies, initiatives and metrics to accelerate the development and movement of female talent into roles of increasing responsibility and influence.

The Council created a strategic framework to guide the work, comprised of six critical focus areas:

  • Recruitment and placement of qualified female candidates into key roles advancement
  • Develop a thriving pipeline of ready-now and ready-future female associates
  • Advance increasing presence of female talent at all levels of the organization
  • Retention of existing female talent
  • Enabling Culture, where appropriate systems are in place to support the initiative
  • Enabling Organization, where the business case for the global women’s initiative is clearly understood across the organization

Business Resource Groups provide our associates in the United States with opportunities to connect with colleagues who share similar interests and backgrounds.

african-american business resource group

The Coca-Cola African-American Business Resource Group serves as a corporate thought leader on the area of African American insights and an advocate for a winning and inclusive culture where inclusion is prioritized, diversity is respected and a qualified talent pool is valued.

asian business resource group

The Coca-Cola Asian Business Resource Group contribute to the Company's commitment to promote diversity as a business and provide opportunities for Asian American business insights that assist The Coca-Cola Company in better connecting with key customer and consumer groups, people development, peer education, knowledge sharing and community engagement.

business support professionals resource group
The Coca-Cola Business Support Professionals Business Resource Group delivers added value to The Coca-Cola Company and its employees by providing excellence in office and business support.

latino business resource group

The Coca-Cola Company Latino Business Resource Group, LA VIDA, exists to enhance our Company's diversity efforts toward the Latino community by providing opportunities for people development, employee  engagement, and community involvement.

lgbta business resource group

The Coca-Cola Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Ally (LGBTA) Business Resource Group exists to foster an equitable and inclusive working environment where lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees, and their supporters, feel a sense of community and opportunity, and their diversity contributes to the successful achievement of the Company’s strategic priorities.

military veterans business resource group

The Coca-Cola Military Veteran's Business Resource Group exists to link Veterans, their family members, and military supporters from all branches of United States Armed Forces who have served during times of peace and war.

women's business resource group

The Coca-Cola Women's Business Resource Group, women's linc, is focused on engaging, inspiring and developing the women of The Coca-Cola Company to drive total business performance and establish a strong reputation as a great place to work for women.