James Quincey 1
President and Chief Operating Officer

Asia Pacific Group

John Murphy 1

ASEAN 2Iain McLaughlin
Greater China and Korea: Curtis A. Ferguson  
India & South West Asia: Venkatesh Kini
Japan: Tim Brett
South Pacific: Roberto Mercadé

Atul Singh 

Europe, Middle East and Africa Group

Brian J. Smith1

Central and Eastern Europe: Nikos Koumettis
Middle East and North Africa: Zoran Vucinic         
South and East Africa: Kelvin Balogun
Turkey, Caucasus and Central Asia: Galya Frayman Molinas
West Africa: Peter Njonjo
Western Europe: Dan Sayre

Latin America Group

Alfredo Rivera1

Brazil: Henrique Braun 
Latin Center: Therese Gearhart
Mexico: Francisco Crespo Benítez
South Latin: Joao Marcelo Ramires

North America Group

J. Alexander M. Douglas, Jr. 1

Canada: Shane Grant

Bottling Investments Group

Irial Finan1

Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka: T. Krishnakumar

China and Southeast Asia: Martin Jansen

Coca-Cola Refreshments (North America)

Paul Mulligan

Canada: Bill Schultz

1 Person subject to the reporting requirements of Section 16 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended
2 Association of Southeast Asian Nations