Our global foundation, The Coca-Cola Foundation, and our other 19 local and regional foundations provide our Company with the means to help improve the well-being of society. We work with people in communities and governmental organizations and nongovernmental organizations to create and support projects most relevant to communities. Our programs, which also include customized local initiatives, converge in the areas of the environment, fitness and active lifestyles, community recycling, and education.

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The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation - est. 2001
Manzini, Swaziland

Contact information:
Mr. William Asiko
The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation
P.O. Box 2040
Manzini, Swaziland
Web site: www.tccaf.org

Established by the Company in 2001, The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation (TCCAF) is the entity that coordinates our corporate social investment programs and implements community initiatives in Africa . The Replenish Africa Initiative (RAIN) is the Foundation's flagship water program and is the umbrella under which all future water programs will fall. Launched in 2009, RAIN is a public-private partnership made possible through a six-year, $30 million commitment from The Coca-Cola Company. The initiative will provide sustainable, clean water sources, hygiene education and sanitation services to millions of people throughout Africa.

The Foundation also supports many other community initiatives throughout Africa, including HIV/AIDS & malaria prevention, access to education, job creation and humanitarian assistance.

TCCAF develops projects based on the needs of the community. To determine whether a request for community support aligns with our global priority areas and to respond in a more timely and efficient manner, the Company has introduced an online grant application system. Starting September 2009, all applications should be submitted through the online grant application system.

Coca-Cola India Foundation – est 2007
Delhi, India

Contact Information:
Yogesh Chandra (CEO)
Coca-Cola India Foundation
Enkay Towers, Udyog Vihar
Phase - V, Gurgaon – 122016
Haryana, India
Phone: 0124-2348041
Fax: 0124-2348143
Web site: www.anandana.org
Email: anandana@apac.ko.com

Reaffirming its commitment to the community & environment, Muhtar Kent, Chairman & CEO, The Coca-Cola Company launched Coca-Cola India Foundation with a corpus of USD 10 million in December 2007 in Delhi. The Foundation aims to focus on a range of activities including water, environment, healthy living and social advancement.

Coca-Cola India Foundation aims to continue the major community development work done by the Company in India over the last decade. To begin with, it has already joined hands with some of the most credible NGOs in India such as the Self Employed Women Association (SEWA) for undertaking a Solar Electrification project in District Dungarpur, Rajasthan; HARITIKA to implement a project on Water Sustainability in Bundelkhand (Uttar Pradesh), Institute of Rural Rehabilitation & Development (IRRAD) to explore possibilities of executing a Water Sustainability Project in District Mewat, Rajasthan and the Foundation for Rural Recovery & Development (FORRAD) to implement projects on Water Sustainability and Drinking Water projects in Bundelkhand and Sambhar Lake, District Ajmer, Rajasthan respectively.

The Foundation is also interacting with key NGOs to strengthen and expand the water sustainability projects in Bundelkhand region, amongst other underprivileged districts. With strong focus on making a difference in the lives of people living in the underprivileged areas of the country, the Foundation is confident of imprinting a significant positive impact on the underprivileged communities in the not too distant future.

The Coca-Cola Life Plus Foundation – est. 2008
Istanbul, Turkey

Contact Information:
Ms. Ebru Bakkaloglu Tuzecan
The Coca-Cola Life Plus Foundation
Fahrettin Kerim Gokay Cad. No:35-37
Altunizade 34662
İstanbul, Turkey
Phone: 0090 216 5455654
Fax: 0090 216 5454002
Website: www.coca-colahayataartivakfi.org
E-Mail: info@hayataarti.org

The Coca-Cola Life Plus Foundation was established in 2008 to generate sustainable solutions to environmental and community issues as a non-governmental organization that plays a leading role in the empowerment of local stakeholders and in the establishment of collaborations among the public sector, civil society and the private sector. The key focus areas of the Foundation are protecting environmental resources and promoting active lifestyles.

Environmental projects supported by the Coca-Cola Life Plus Foundation include:

  • "Life Plus" Youth Program, conducted through a partnership with the United Nations Development Program and YADA Foundation, which aims to generate solution proposals from the perspective of youth for environmental issues
  • "Living Rivers, Living Aegean" Project, organized in partnership with WWF-Turkey, YADA Foundation, Aegean Association and Ekodosd Association, which aims to protect Gediz and B.Menderes river basins by creating an Integrated Basin Management approach among all stakeholders
  • "Children's Orchards"Project, supported by Cappy, Ministry of National Education and Ankara University Faculty of Agriculture – AKCAM, which creates orchards in elementary school gardens throughout Turkey, where pupils can experience nature in their daily lives and learn to grow and care for fruit trees

The projects of Coca-Cola Life Plus Foundation which promote active lifestyle include:

  • "Let's Play" Project, conducted through a partnership with The Ministry of Education and Active Living Association, which aims to increase the physical activity levels of elementary school students and help them embrace physical activity as a part of their lifestyle by using creative play
  • "Active Lifestyle Stations" Project, organized by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Active Living Association, which aims to create awareness on physical activity levels of public from all age groups by visiting parks and other community platforms


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The Coca-Cola Spain Foundation - est. 1993
Madrid, Spain

Contact Information:
Mr. Juan Jose Litran
Calle Josefa Valcarcel, 36
28027 Madrid Spain
Phone: 3491.348.1700
Fax: 3491.348.1841
Email: fscarpa@eur.ko.com

The main purpose of The Coca-Cola Spain Foundation is to promote cultural and educational development of Spanish Youth by fostering the fine arts, especially painting, sculpture, music and literature, as well as to contribute to improving the environment and promoting the progress of science.

SAS & Coca-Cola Environmental Foundation
Oslo, Norway

Contact Information:
Michael Bonde Nielsen
Strandveien 50
P.O. Box 21
N-1324 Lysaker

The Scandinavian Airlines System and Coca-Cola Environmental Foundation is a foundation that supports environmental projects in schools and public organizations in the Nordic and Baltic countries. In recent years, we have funded projects related to waste management, recycling, and water resources. The projects usually originate in schools and grassroots organizations.


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The Coca-Cola Brazil Institute - est. 1999
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Contact Information:
Mr. Marco Simoes
Coca-Cola Brazil Institute
Praia de Botafogo, 374 - 6° andar
22.250- 040 Rio de Janeiro RJ
Web site: www.institutococacola.org.br

In 1999, The Coca-Cola Institute for Education was launched to promote social inclusion through education. Over the past 7 years, the Institute has implemented the Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program in Brazilian low-income areas. The main objective of the program is to help reduce school dropout in public elementary schools. In 2004, to reinforce Coca-Cola Brazil's commitment to the Brazilian social development, projects related to the environment and healthy and active lifestyles were also included in the scope of the Institute. To be aligned, the name of the Institute has changed to the Coca-Cola Brazil Institute.

The Coca-Cola Chile Foundation - est. 1992
Santiago, Chile

Contact Information:
Mr. Gonzalo Iglesias
The Coca-Cola Chile Foundation
Av. Presidente Kennedy 5757 piso 12
Las Condes
Santiago Chile
Email: fundacionko@la.ko.com
Web site: http://www.cocacola.cl/mundo/index.php?id=6

Overview :
The Coca-Cola Chile Foundation was created in 1992 as a tool for the Company and its bottlers to have an efficient manner in which to grant urgent support to the education sector in Chile developing programs especially designed to help exceed its needs and at the same time equalize opportunities for the Chile's youth.

The social commitment of The Coca-Cola Chile Foundation is realized through projects which include:
1. The Coca-Cola Science laboratories state-of-the-art technology for scientific education.
2. The Coca-Cola Chile Foundation Scholarships,
3."Los Niños tienen la Palabra" (The Children have the word) writing and reading project.
4."Healthy Schools," launched in 2006, aimed at reducing the prevalence of obesity among primary school children by implementing nutritional and physical activity education programs in public schools.

The Coca-Cola Foundation of Bolivia - est. 2003
Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Contact Information:
Veronica Ocampo
Av. San Martin
Comercial El Chuubi Of. 18 PB
Santa Cruz - Bolivia
Phone: (591-3) 335 8042
Email: veocampo@gmail.com

The Coca-Cola Foundation of Bolivia is working on three educational projects. The first one, named "Forjando Futuro," carried out together with Universidad Católica Boliviana (Bolivian Catholic University) provides college scholarships to students from low-income families but with outstanding academic performance. The program invests in educating qualified human resources by granting scholarships to attend a prestigious private University that guarantees an excellent education.

The second program (started in May, 2005), "Escuelas Amigas," carried out in association with UNICEF and different Town Halls, contributes to giving quality education to thousands of children, preventing school dropout rates and repositioning the school as a friendly and interactive institution. In this project, students, teachers, parents, neighbors and town hall authorities interact to offer a nicer, healthier, safer environment and to improve the quality of knowledge and reduce school dropout rates. To date, the program has already benefited 23 schools, 16,791 students and 567 teachers in the cities of El Alto (La Paz) and Cochabamba.

The third program, "Aprender a Emprender en el Medio Ambiente" (AEMA), carried out in association with Junior Achievement (Fundación Emprender) and Fundación Amigos de la Naturaleza, is an environment educational program that develops in all participants awareness regarding their relationship with the environment, educating them in responsible practices while training them to be change agents with active participation in environmental issues. Volunteers from our bottling partners, Embol S.A., actively support the program by training fifth grade children on environmental issues in seven sessions during school hours. 2,400 children from 45 schools are benefiting from the program in the cities of La Paz, Cochabamba, Santa Cruz, Sucre and Tarija.

The Coca-Cola Foundation of Ecuador
Quito, Ecuador

Contact Information:
Luz María Valdiviezo
Av. República del Salvador N36-230 y Av. Naciones Unidas
Edificio Citybank - Primer Piso
Quito, Ecuador
Phone: 593 - 2 - 3982622
Fax: 593 - 2 - 3982695
Web site: www.Coca-Cola.com.ec

In July 2000, the Ecuadorian Coca-Cola System established The Coca-Cola Foundation of Ecuador as part of its corporate responsibility policies. The main objective of the Foundation is to promote and encourage Ecuadorian cultural, economic and social development, through the support of social, educational and environmental programs.

Through its educational program, the Foundation supports rural schools by building and equipping school units and providing academic training for teachers. The environmental program of The Coca-Cola Foundation of Ecuador has funded projects related to solid waste management, especially in the Galapagos Islands, and water resources management in the coastal region.

The Coca-Cola Foundation of Mexico - est. 1999
Mexico City, Mexico

Contact Information:
Ms. Vivian Alegria
Fundación Coca-Cola
Ruben Dario #115
Bosque de Chapultepec
Mexico D.F. 11580
Email: valegria@la.ko.com
Web site: www.fundacioncoca-cola.com.mx

The Coca-Cola Foundation Mexico supports educational, social, economic and environmental projects that reinforce its commitment to communities. Since its establishment in 1997, the foundation has built or rehabilitated 85 shelters and 46 schools. During the last year, 4 million people have benefited from the social programs developed by the Coca-Cola System in Mexico.

The National Reforestation and Water Harvesting program was created as part of its commitment to return to nature all water that is used in our beverages and processes. The program, conducted in collaboration with authorities, associations and more than 1,000 communities, has resulted in the planting of 46 million trees, reforestation of  47 thousand acres, and the construction of 9 rainwater catchment pots and 14 community nurseries.

As a leader in the sustainable development of Mexico, The Coca-Cola Foundation Mexico is committed to protecting the environment and supporting the community through building alliances and opportunities for economic development.

Fundación Inca Kola - est. 2002
Lima, Peru

Contact Information:
Mr. Hernán Lanzara
The Inca Kola Foundation
Canaval y Moreyra 452 - Piso 11 - San Isidro
Lima, Perú
Phone: 51-1-411-4200 ext. 248
Fax: 51-1-442-4899
Email: fundacionincakola@la.ko.com
Web site: www.fundacionincakola.com.pe

The Inca Kola Foundation was created to promote the development of education in Peru through three projects: "Knowledge Boxes" (educational aid modules for teachers), teacher training workshops, and a program called "EducAnimando con Salud" (Teaching and Encouraging with Health).

The first project was implemented in schools where children of all ages study in one classroom under the direction of one teacher, and where basic educational materials are not available. "Knowledge Boxes" -- educational aid modules for teachers -- have been provided to 8,529 schools in rural zones, serving 100% of schools in 25 regions in Peru. Today, 217,053 students benefit from the Knowledge Box.

The second project is playful, creative, and reflective, involving music, theater, puppets, and interaction to improve the quality of teachers in Peru. The teachers receive training via dynamic workshops called "An alternative to improve the educational quality in Peru." This program has benefited approximately 250,000 students, with 5,695 teachers receiving the training.

The "EducAnimando con Salud" (Educating/Encouraging with Health) program is focused on developing and strengthening teachers capabilities, since they act as role models and become leaders and promote healthy behavior. The program is geared for workshops that apply a methodology in active education and foster teachers' self-learning, as well as a critical attitude and team work.

Teachers participating in the workshops prepare sessions according to established guidelines of the module "Jugando y Creciendo Saludable " (Playing and Growing Healthy) and they learn by doing. In other words, they recreate and live each session, using supportive tools prepared by them. For example, they perform puppet shows to present the benefits of physical activity and the problems that a sedentary life could create; they sing and dance with motivating songs composed about the advantages of healthy food, hydration and physical activity, etc.

Recreation during sessions enables them to innovate and discover their potential, while strengthening direct contact with the students and parents. It also prepares them to participate and subsequently implement recreational and cultural extracurricular activities.

Training was provided to 2,805 teachers and the program has benefited approximately 63,267 students in Villa El Salvador, Rímac, Callao, Los Olivos in Lima, Sullana, Piura, Ica, Cusco and Arequipa.

The Health Ministry, Education Ministry and PRISMA NGO participated in the program.


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The Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation - est. 1986
Atlanta, Georgia

Contact Information:
Mr. Mark Davis
Post Office Box 442
Atlanta, Georgia 30301-0442
Phone: 1.800.306.2653
Web Site: www.coca-colascholars.org

The Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation is one of the largest business-supported, merit-based scholarship programs of its kind in the United States. We support the higher education of deserving high-school seniors through the Coca-Cola Scholars Program with 50 National Coca-Cola Scholarships ($20,000 each) and 200 regional Coca-Cola Scholarships ($10,000 each). The Coca-Cola Two-Year College Scholarship Program awards 400 scholarships to students attending two-year degree granting institutions in the amount of $1,000 and $2,000 awards. Seminars, traveling information kiosks and regional receptions for scholars, bottlers and colleagues are also part of our work.


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The Coca-Cola Australia Foundation - est. 2001
Sydney, Australia

Contact Information:
Ms. Susie Crumpton
L 10, 40 Mount Street
North Sydney NSW 2060

Web site: http://www.coca-colajourney.com.au/coca-cola-australia-foundation/
Email: sucrumpton@coca-cola.com

Coca-Cola Amatil and Coca-Cola South Pacific established The Coca-Cola Australia Foundation (CCAF) in 2001 to support not-for-profit and charitable organizations that help make a real difference in the lives of Australia’s youth who are socially or economically disadvantaged. 

The Coca-Cola Foundation Indonesia - est. 2000
Jakarta, Indonesia

Contact Information:
Ms. Titie Sadarini
Wisma GKBI, 8th Floor
JI. Jenderal Sudirman No. 28
Jakarta 10210

Web site: www.coca-colafoundation-ind.org
Email: ccfi@apac.ko.com

The non-profit Coca-Cola Foundation Indonesia was established in 2000 and aims to support the social welfare of Indonesian communities by focusing on key long-term programs through which it can have the greatest impact. Programs focus on the following priorities:

  • The Learning Center Program and Scholarship provides a resource for learning and creativity, as well as financial assistance to promising students needing financial aid.
  • The Community Water Program supports communities by improving access to water and promoting health and hygiene behavior related to water.
  • Micro Enterprise Development provids sustained income-generating activities for micro entrepreneurs, as well as capacity building.
  • Disaster Relief and Reconstruction efforts helps communities suffering from the impact of natural disasters to rebuild their lives.

The Coca-Cola Korea Youth Foundation - est. 2004
Seoul, Korea

Contact Information:
Ms Nam Ju Koo
Fourth floor, Kyobo Securities Building,
#26-4, Yoido-Dong,
Seoul, Korea 150-737

Email: nkoo@apac.ko.com
Web site: www.gunzzang.org

Founded in 2004, the Coca-Cola Korea Youth Foundation (CCKYF) seeks to develop Korean youth by promoting physical activity and supporting sports, education and related activities that enrich the lives of youth. The "health class" program provides a holistic approach in youth health and wellness education. The key to the program is the Gunzzang Bus (gunzzang means "very healthy and active" in Korean) -- a mobile health center that visits schools and youth facilities on a quarterly basis to provide students with sophisticated health check-ups using the latest equipment, measuring statistics such as body composition, breathing capacity, blood pressure, etc. Along with health check-ups through the Gunzzang bus, the health class also provides educational support materials for teachers and students, such as teachers' guide books, health diaries for students, and health videos. As part of its physical activity program, CCKYF provides mentoring programs to each school. CCKYF dispatches football coaches and healthrobics (fun exercise routines developed by CCKYF to encourage physical activity) instructors to schools once a week and also provides "1 Day Coca-Cola Youth Health Camps" for intensive physical training and nutrition education.

Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines, Inc. - est. 1986
Manila, Philippines

Contact Information:
Ms. Maria Cecilia L. Alcantara
1890 Paz Guazon Avenue, Paco
City of Manila, Metro Manila

Email: cecile.alcantara@ccbp.com.ph
Web site: www.coca-colafoundation.ph

Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines was established in November 1986 in celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the bottling of Coca-Cola there. The Foundation's current programs are focused on watershed conservation, improving access to safe water in underprivileged communities, and providing education and development opportunities to the Filipino youth.

The Coca-Cola Foundation Thailand - est. 2003
Bangkok, Thailand

Contact Information:
Mr. Pong Sarasin
Thai Nam Thip Building
214 Vibhavadi-Rangsit Road
Tung Song Hong
Laksi, Bangkok, 10210

Email: ybudsayada@apac.ko.com

The Coca-Cola Foundation Thailand was established in 2003 by Coca-Cola (Thailand) Ltd. and its two bottlers: Thai Namthip Ltd., and Haad Thip pcl. It has undertaken a wide range of community initiatives designed to improve the lives and livelihoods of Thai communities in a sustainable manner. In cooperation with local, regional and global partners, the Foundation is focused on water stewardship, education, environmental protection and conservation, as well as disaster preparedness and relief.

The Coca-Cola Educational & Environmental Foundation - est. 2007
Tokyo, Japan

Contact Information:
Mr. Keiichi Matsutaka, Executive Director
c/o Coca-Cola Japan Company, Limited
4-6-3, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku
Tokyo, Japan 150-0002

Web site: www.cocacola-zaidan.jp/
Email: info@cocacola-zaidan.jp

In June 2007, the Coca-Cola Educational and Environmental Foundation was established to integrate the Coca-Cola Environment Education Foundation and the Japan Coca-Cola Scholarship Foundation by 2008. The Coca-Cola Foundation in the U.S. donated USD 8.6 million in support of the Coca-Cola Educational and Environmental Foundation, which encourages young people in Japan to take an active leadership role in their local communities. In addition to supporting education in the fields of environment, education and sports, the Foundation promotes environmental conservation and international exchange programs. By consolidating these two Foundations with approval from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the Coca-Cola Educational and Environmental Foundation serves as one of the Coca-Cola system in Japan's ongoing corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Coca-Cola China Foundation Ltd
Hong Kong, China

Contact Information:
Mr. Doug Jackson
18/F Lincoln House,
Taikoo Place, 979 King's Road,
Quarry Bay, Hong Kong

Coca-Cola China Foundation organizes, promotes and supports not-for-profit educational and community programs for the advancement of education and youth development. The Foundation also engages in, promotes and supports relief of poverty and charity activities for the better of the community.