Supplier and Customer Partnerships

Our Suppliers Our suppliers are business partners who provide our system with materials, including ingredients, packaging and machinery, as well as goods and services. Our Company's Supplier Guiding Principles (SGP) communicate our values and expectations, emphasizing the importance of responsible environmental and workplace policies and practices. Suppliers' policies and practices must comply, at a minimum, with all applicable laws and regulations,

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Supplier Expectations

The Coca-Cola Company exists to benefit and refresh everyone it touches. That's the Coca-Cola Promise. More than 1.9 billion times everyday consumers choose our brands for refreshment and expect nothing but 100% quality - every time. Achieving this requires flawless execution across the entire supply chain, and as a supplier to the Coca-Cola system, you play a vital role in ensuring the quality and integrity of our beverages. Whether you're a current

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About Our Suppliers

Our suppliers and business partners are vital to our continued success. They help us refresh the world, more than 1.7 billion times every day, by delivering necessary products and services for our business. Having a sound, stable and ethical supply base is important for our growth and the footprint we leave in local communities around the world. Our suppliers provide our system with materials, including ingredients, packaging and machinery, as well

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Supplier Guiding Principles

Good corporate citizenship is essential to our long-term business success. Our Supplier Guiding Principles (SGP) communicate our values and expectations of suppliers and emphasize the importance of responsible workplace practices that respect human rights and comply, at a minimum, with applicable environmental and local labor laws and core international conventions. The Supplier Guiding Principles is aligned with our Human Rights Policy and reflects

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Supplier Diversity

At The Coca-Cola Company, diversity is business. We believe our supplier base should represent our diverse customer and consumer base. For the past three decades, The Coca-Cola Company has been committed to supplier diversity. And in 2000, our Company pledged to spend $800 million with MWBEs over a five-year period. By 2005, we exceeded our goal with a spend of more than $1 billion with MWBEs. We have continued the momentum by consistently exceeding

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Supplier Requirements

The Coca-Cola Company's suppliers shall comply with the following requirements: Requirements for All Suppliers: Anti-Bribery Policy The Coca-Cola Company expects its suppliers to respect and abide by its "Anti-Bribery" policy for suppliers, which establishes the limitations suppliers must adhere to when interacting with officials of various governments around the world on behalf of The Coca-Cola Company and its subsidiaries. This policy

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Supplier Code of Business Conduct

The Coca-Cola Company* expects all of its employees to comply with the law and act ethically in all matters. We have the same expectations of our suppliers. Our Code of Business Conduct sets the basic standards for employee conduct. This Code of Business Conduct for Suppliers establishes related requirements for our suppliers. Working together, we can achieve great success by doing the right thing. Note: This Code contains general requirements applicable

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The Coca-Cola Company and Brand Collaboration

The Coca-Cola Company is a leading member of AIM-PROGRESS, a forum of 30 Fast Moving Consumer Goods manufacturers and suppliers assembled to enable and promote responsible sourcing practices through brand collaboration. AIM-PROGRESS is a global initiative supported and sponsored by the European Brands Association, AIM, in Europe and the Grocer Manufacturers Association, in North America. Participating companies include Unilever, Nestlé, Danone ,

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