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Coca-Cola China Offers to Acquire Xiamen Culiangwang Beverage Technology Co., Ltd

The Coca-Cola Company  |  Apr 17, 2015
SHANGHAI, April 17, 2015 – Coca-Cola China today announced its intention to make a cash offer to acquire 100 percent equity interest of Xiamen Culiangwang Beverage Technology Co., Ltd., a producer of plant-based protein drinks sold in China. The company is owned by Hong Kong-listed China Culiangwang Beverages Holdings Ltd. The deal is valued at approximately US$ 400 million. Headquartered in…Read More

The Coca-Cola Company Statement on Diversity Legislation

Coca-Cola does not support any legislation that discriminates, in our home state of Georgia or anywhere else. Coca-Cola values and celebrates diversity. We believe policies that would allow a business to refuse service to an individual based upon discrimination of any kind, does not only violate our Company's core values, but would also negatively affect our consumers, customers, suppliers,…Read More

Our Collaboration with Health Professionals

The Coca-Cola Company  |  Mar 18, 2015
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Recently, a news media outlet inaccurately reported that our Company and health experts characterize our mini-cans and zero calorie beverages as “healthy treats” and “healthy snacks.”  Neither The Coca-Cola Company nor its partners position our products in this way.  However, we do promote our mini-cans and zero calorie products as options for people seeking to manage their caloric…Read More

The Coca-Cola Company Statement on Marriage Equality

The Coca-Cola Company  |  Mar 6, 2015
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As a believer in an inclusive world, The Coca-Cola Company values and celebrates diversity. We have long been a strong supporter of the LGBT community and have advocated for inclusion, equality and diversity through both our policies and practices.  The Coca-Cola Company is one of 379 businesses expressing its support for marriage equality to the U.S. Supreme Court, as laws that prohibit…Read More

Statement from Coca-Cola Canada

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide consumers with the information and options necessary to make informed beverage decisions for themselves and their families, Coca-Cola Canada is implementing bold, new initiatives aimed at lowering calories and providing consumers smaller package options.   These initiatives include: Launching a new innovative sleek can (310mL) Reducing our…Read More

Our Coca-Cola Palestinian Business

The Coca-Cola Company  |  Aug 19, 2014
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At Coca-Cola we believe that we are one of the world’s most inclusive brands and we are proud to serve our beverages everywhere we are allowed to operate, which includes over 200 countries around the world, of which 14 countries are in the Middle East. Over recent weeks, we’ve received a number of questions, and heard a few misperceptions, regarding our operations in the Middle East and…Read More

The Coca-Cola Company 2014 Annual Meeting of Shareowners Preliminary Vote Results

The Coca-Cola Company  |  Apr 23, 2014
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The Coca-Cola Company 2014 Annual Meeting of Shareowners Preliminary Vote Results 23 April 2014 Below are preliminary voting results as announced during the annual meeting of shareowners followed by company statement on each item.  Final results will be certified and then posted on the Company’s website and filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Item 1: Election of Directors All…Read More

The Coca-Cola Company Statement on 2014 Equity Plan

The Coca-Cola Company  |  Mar 28, 2014
We have reviewed the follow-up letter from Mr. Winters about our 2014 Equity Plan.  He continues to overstate the dilutive impact of the plan. Actual dilution related to existing equity plans over the last three years has been less than 1% per year and is expected to be in this range going forward.  Our plan, clearly presented in the proxy, is closely in line with past equity plans and…Read More

"It's Beautiful" Commercial

The Coca-Cola Company  |  Feb 5, 2014
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America is beautiful and Coca-Cola is for everyone. “It’s Beautiful” was created to celebrate Coke moments among all Americans who together enjoy ice cold, refreshing Coke. For centuries America has opened its arms to people of many countries who have helped to build this great nation. “It’s Beautiful” provides a snapshot of the real lives of Americans representing diverse ethnicities, religions,…Read More

Coca-Cola Contributes to 6.4 Trillion Calorie Reduction

The Coca-Cola Company  |  Jan 9, 2014
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Removing 6.4 trillion calories from the marketplace is no easy feat.  This accomplishment shows the positive change that happens when we work together across business, government and civil society. As a founding member of the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation, Coca-Cola has introduced over 100 no- and low- calorie beverages in the last seven years and we have innovated with…Read More