Ashley Callahan

Ashley Callahan

Managing Editor, Coca-Cola Journey

Maynard at Herman's Gulch
No Excuses: Kyle Maynard's Story of Triumph and Inspiration
Entrepreneur, champion wrestler, New York Times-bestselling author, motivational speaker, ESPY Award winner, and the first person to crawl up Mt. Kilimanjaro—it’s a list of accomplishments you could imagine a classroom full of children reciting when asked what they want to be when they grow up. But at 28 years old, this is Kyle Maynard’s short list… of items he’s already crossed off his bucket…

Red Planet: Dallas
Going Big in Dallas: 15 Insider Tips on Traveling to Texas
To get a sense for this city, it’s going to take more than a pit stop. Home to this year’s NCAA Final Four, thousands of people are preparing to descend on Dallas—a town known for cowboys, boots, oil and much more. With nearly 7 million people calling it home, Dallas is the fourth-largest metropolitan area in the United States. Here you can always find a cold drink, a good meal and memorable…

Coca-Cola Writers From Around the World Come Together in Atlanta
When I came to Coca-Cola two years ago, Journey was still an idea. My role was to find and create the stories that would transform the Company’s global corporate website into an engaging digital magazine. Fast forward to today and Coca-Cola Journey has been live for nearly 500 days—492 to be exact. We’re live in eight languages and seven countries (Germany was our first!). 2014 is shaping up to…

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