Jan Schneider

Jan Schneider

Production Manager, Coca-Cola Journey

Festival Folclórico de Parentins
Sustainable Celebration: Brazil’s Festival Folclórico de Parintins is More than Just Fun and Games
Each year as July approaches, the quiet city of Parintins in Amazonas, Brazil, comes alive as thousands of visitors from around the world arrive to celebrate Festival Folclórico de Parentins (Parintins Folklore Festival). For three days in late June, the population of Parintins grows from 80 thousand inhabitants to 180,000 with the arrival of 100,000 revelers from around the globe ready…

Coca-Cola in bicycle basket
Coke Leads the Charge of America’s Most Respected Brands
At Coca-Cola, we understand that selling products is not the only thing that makes a company successful. We know that strong and innovative leadership and a positive corporate reputation are the building blocks to instilling trust in our brands, not only for our consumers, but also for our stakeholders.  That's why we're incredibly honored to top the 2014 list of America’s Most Respected…

Coca-Cola painting by Steve Penley
Most Patriotic Brands: Did Coke Make the List?
Mom, apple pie and baseball? Or cars, blue jeans and Coca-Cola?  With Independence Day fast approaching, brand loyalty and consumer engagement research firm Brand Keys Inc. polled 4,680 consumers between the ages of 16 and 65 to evaluate 35 values, including "patriotism," as part of a larger survey to determine what engages customers, engenders loyalty and drives real profit. …

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