Jan Schneider

Jan Schneider

Production Manager, Coca-Cola Journey

Inspirational films
Passion for Life: Watch 5 Inspiring Documentaries from SnagFilms
Don’t we all need a little inspiration? I know I do.  Most of us feel overwhelmed at times with work or personal challenges. Sometimes we need to be reminded of the people out there confronting obstacles larger than our own. The world holds within its realm some pretty amazing and inspirational people… little pockets of resistance against whatever personal trials they're facing. When I see…

Formula for Success: Coke Donates $1.5 Million to Help Florida’s Citrus Growers
When consumers purchase our Minute Maid and Simply products, they do so with confidence. That’s because at The Coca-Cola Company, the world’s largest provider of juices and juice drinks, we are dedicated to delivering the great taste and refreshment our consumers have come to expect from our brands. Sustainability: An Essential IngredientTo ensure we can offer the highest-quality products, we are…

Event in Germany
Report: Coke Most-Recognized Brand of FIFA World Cup
It would seem Germany is not the only victor to emerge from the 2014 FIFA World Cup.A new study released by Millward Brown, a brand equity research company, reports that Coca-Cola was the most-recognized brand sponsor of the month-long football tournament in Brazil. Coke's "The World's Cup" campaign was its largest-ever global marketing initiative.The Science Behind ItMillward Brown’s…

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