Meagan Priselac

Meagan Priselac

Multi-Media Journalist & Social Media Coordinator

Coke Zero Game-A-Thon
Game-a-Thon 1.0: Coke Zero Streams eSports Competition from Coke HQ
Watching “gamers” game. The idea may seem a bit odd to those outside the eSports Gaming world, but yes, it’s a thing. In fact, it’s a multi-billion-dollar industry that draws in millions of viewers, kind of thing. And a thing The Coca-Cola Company is investing in. "Gaming offers us a platform to reach an audience that is very difficult to reach. When it comes to engaging an audience,…

College Football Hall of Fame
Atlanta Scores Big with New College Football Hall of Fame
In the Southeast, it’s no secret that college football is king, tailgating is religion, and gameday is the most important day of the week. So it’s no surprise that when the College Football Hall of Fame (CFB Hall) decided to take its talents to a bigger stage, it chose Atlanta, Ga. “It’s the perfect location for a college football-themed attraction,” says Atlanta Hall Management CEO John…

SURGE fan photos
SURGE of '90s Nostalgia in 19 Photos
#SURGEisback: three words, one hashtag and an overwhelming SURGE of excitement. The return of SURGE sent fans into well, a ‘surge’ of ‘90s nostalgia. N64, 3-way calling, hacky sack, mood rings, and predicting the future in a game of MASH… it was a glorious decade, indeed. And thanks to the wildly successful #SURGEMovement, youth of the ‘90s can relive the glory days of blowup chairs and…

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