Meagan Priselac

Meagan Priselac

Multi-Media Journalist & Social Media Coordinator

Sprite Cupcakes
St. Paddy's Day Recipe Roundup
This St. Patrick’s Day we’re bringing the luck of the Irish to your kitchen. To help you prep a festive feast, we put together a full menu of Coca-Cola-inspired St. Paddy's Day recipes that will have your guests wanting to kiss the cook (even if you’re not Irish). BreakfastChocolate Ganache-Stuffed French Toast with Cola Stout SyrupKick off St. Paddy's Day celebrations in…

Emoji billboard
'Speaking Millennial': Coke Puerto Rico Connects with Younger Generation Through Emojis
If you want to connect with Millennials, you have to speak their language. For Coca-Cola Puerto Rico, that means communicating through emojis. An emoji is a small digital image, such as a smiley face, used to express emotions or thoughts in place of words in a text message and/or social post. In January, Coke Puerto Rico launched—a new landing page consumers can access by…

Coke Zero Game-A-Thon
Game-a-Thon 1.0: Coke Zero Streams eSports Competition from Coke HQ
Watching “gamers” game. The idea may seem a bit odd to those outside the eSports Gaming world, but yes, it’s a thing. In fact, it’s a multi-billion-dollar industry that draws in millions of viewers, kind of thing. And a thing The Coca-Cola Company is investing in. "Gaming offers us a platform to reach an audience that is very difficult to reach. When it comes to engaging an audience,…

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