Meagan Priselac

Meagan Priselac

Multi-Media Journalist & Social Media Coordinator

water wall
Coke's Inspiring Graphical Waterfall
Visitors to Coca-Cola’s Atlanta headquarters are treated to a unique display of the Company’s leading ingredient – water – as they approach the elevators in the complex’s North Avenue Tower. Powered by 4,600 nozzles that release water droplets at controlled rates, the Coca-Cola “Water Wall” generates messages and brand images to greet visitors.  Images can vary by season but almost always…

Sprite Cupcakes
St. Paddy's Day Recipe Roundup
This St. Patrick’s Day we’re bringing the luck of the Irish to your kitchen. To help you prep a festive feast, we put together a full menu of Coca-Cola-inspired St. Paddy's Day recipes that will have your guests wanting to kiss the cook (even if you’re not Irish). BreakfastChocolate Ganache-Stuffed French Toast with Cola Stout SyrupKick off St. Paddy's Day celebrations in…

Emoji billboard
'Speaking Millennial': Coke Puerto Rico Connects with Younger Generation Through Emojis
If you want to connect with Millennials, you have to speak their language. For Coca-Cola Puerto Rico, that means communicating through emojis. An emoji is a small digital image, such as a smiley face, used to express emotions or thoughts in place of words in a text message and/or social post. In January, Coke Puerto Rico launched—a new landing page consumers can access by…

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