Meagan Priselac

Meagan Priselac

Multi-Media Journalist & Social Media Coordinator

SURGE fan photos
SURGE of '90s Nostalgia in 19 Photos
#SURGEisback: three words, one hashtag and an overwhelming SURGE of excitement. The return of SURGE sent fans into well, a ‘surge’ of ‘90s nostalgia. N64, 3-way calling, hacky sack, mood rings, and predicting the future in a game of MASH… it was a glorious decade, indeed. And thanks to the wildly successful #SURGEMovement, youth of the ‘90s can relive the glory days of blowup chairs and…

Diet Coke bottles
Extraordinary Collection: Coke Israel Creates 2 Million Unique Diet Coke Bottles
Coca-Cola Israel is creating an extraordinary experience for Diet Coke fans by producing 2 million uniquely designed bottles. Like Diet Coke fans, no one bottle is the same. The campaign, revolving around the “Stay Extraordinary” tagline, used an innovative printing system that is able to print a massive amount of bottles, each with its own unique flare. For consumers, this meant…

Adrienne White
Back on Track: Coke Employee Ignites 'Inner Runner' in Others
Running. For some it’s a passion, for others it’s a necessary evil to stay healthy, and for many more the idea seems nearly impossible. That’s where Adrienne White steps in. White, a Coca-Cola employee for 7.5 years, is taking her passion for running and well… running with it.In 2011, White helped launch the Atlanta chapter of Black Girls Run (BGR), a national organization that promotes healthy…

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