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Beyond Billboards: These Outdoor Ads Take Creativity to New Heights

By:  Jay Moye Apr 4, 2013
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From the painted wall signs of the 1890s, to neon spectaculars dotting some of the world’s most majestic skylines, outdoor ads have always featured prominently in Coke’s marketing mix. Billboards and other signage have only a few seconds (or less) to catch the collective eye of motorists or pedestrians, which means brands must take bold, envelope-pushing steps to make a lasting impression in an increasingly message-saturated marketplace.

“Outdoor advertising is the one medium you cannot avoid,” says Jonathan Mildenhall, vice president of content excellence at Coca-Cola. “Creativity in this medium is not an option; it’s a requirement. Our brands must surprise, delight and entertain their way to relevance in the hearts and minds of our consumers.” 

Take a look at the slideshow above for a few of the most innovative outdoor ads The Coca-Cola Company has produced in recent years. And be sure to post your favorites in the comments section below.