By 2015, reduce emissions from our manufacturing operations in developed countries by 5 percent compared to our 2004 baseline.


Achieved. In 2015, emissions were 14 percent below our 2004 baseline.    

Coca-Cola achieved our 5 percent reduction in developed countries goal by 2015, with emissions 14 percent below the 2004 baseline. We are continuing to work with our bottling partners on the Top 10 Energy Saving Challenge.” This program equips bottling partners with low-risk/high-return energy-saving practices and enables them to compare performance with other bottling partners across the system.

While we have achieved our emission reduction goal for developed countries, we continue to work to improve our energy efficiency. We created a Clean Energy Toolkit to help local teams make informed decisions on potential investments, and we have been working locally in several markets to embrace renewable energy initiatives.

Moving forward, this work will continue to be tracked and reported transparently within our overarching goal of reducing the carbon footprint of the “drink in your hand” by 25 percent by 2020.

Graph: The Coca-Cola System Emissions Ration from 2006-2013