Looking for an easy Saturday craft project? These geometric, do-it-yourself earrings are easy to make and fairly inexpensive. And they make great little gifts for any occasion!

You will need: 

·        Industrial strength glue

·        Plain earring posts

·        Several colors of oven bake clay

·        A sharp blade

·        Oven 

·        Cookie sheet

DIY Geometric Earrings

Step 1: Cutting your clay.

Use your sharp blade to make a small cube out of your clay. Then use the blade to shave off corners to form and imperfect geometric shape. Don't worry about making it too perfect. The charm is in the irregularities.

Hint: If your clay is hard to work with, stick it in the freezer for an hour to make it hard. This will make it easier to cut.

DIY Geometric Earrings

Step 2: Bake.

Place your geometric clay shapes on a cookie sheet and pop them in the oven at 260 degrees for approximately eight minutes. 

DIY Geometric Earrings

Step 3: Glue.

Once your geometric clay shapes are out of the oven, let them completely cool off for about an hour before gluing. Apply a small amount of your industrial strength glue to the flat side of a geo shape and attach your earring post. Let them set for two to three hours and then they will ready to wear! 

DIY Geometric Earrings

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