What’s better than learning Diet Coke is launching a new look and adding four bold new flavors?

Being able to experience it first.

Diet Coke held an exclusive launch event in New York city last night to celebrate the launch of its new look, new packaging and four new flavors — Diet Coke Feisty Cherry, Diet Coke Ginger Lime, Diet Coke Zesty Blood Orange and Diet Coke Twisted Mango. More than 100 people gathered at the Diet Coke Flavor Room hosted by Claudia Oshry (@girlwithnojob) to see the sleek new design and taste the flavors before they hit store shelves. Oshry curated the event and gathered other NYC-based tastemakers to create signature experiences inspired by the new flavors.

Diet Coke Relaunch Party

Cocktail enthusiast and creative director at Apartment Bartender, Elliot Clark @apartment_bartender) served a signature cocktail that played off the traditional Manhattan in the Diet Coke Feisty Cherry room. A simple syrup made from Diet Coke Feisty Cherry was swirled into bourbon whiskey and topped with a Feisty Cherry-soaked cherry. Balloons reminiscent of effervescent bubbles floated playfully in the space.

Diet Coke Relaunch Party

A music festival vibe brought the Diet Coke Ginger Lime room to life with a rooftop installation featuring neon lights, Astroturf greenery and an acoustic performance from country-pop artist, Russell Dickerson (@russelled). He treated guests to multiple sets featuring songs that earned him the the No. 1 spot this week on Billboard’s Emerging Artists Chart.

Diet Coke Relaunch Party

John Targon (@johnlovespincones), co-founder and creative director at Baja East hosted the Diet Coke Zesty Blood Orange room and created five exclusive designs that party-goers could use to make their own buttons. The space also featured an oversized photo frame installation made from Diet Coke Zesty Blood Orange cans and set against oversized inflatable orange slices perfect for social posting.

An epicurean treat awaited the guests in the Diet Coke Twisted Mango room. Jordan Andino (@fork_knife) — chef, restaurateur and host of the Cooking Channel show "Late Nite Eats” — created braised short ribs infused with Diet Coke Twisted Mango and topped with a Diet Coke Twisted Mango salsa. Guests could also take photos in a New York taxi cab cut out with a skyline can art installation in the backdrop.  

Claudia even treated us to one of her infamous “Bath time Q&A” sessions in which she further explained her love for Diet Coke and excitement for the relaunch.