Marketing to Children

The Coca-Cola Company has always taken seriously its commitment to market responsibly, across the globe, across all advertising media, and across all of our beverages. Our Company has been a leader in the area of Responsible Marketing, particularly with regard to responsible marketing practices when children under 12 are present. Honoring the rights of parents and caregivers to make the appropriate choices for their children is a cornerstone of our Responsible Marketing Policy.

Television, Radio and Print
The Coca-Cola Company will not place any of our brands' marketing in television, radio and print programming made specifically for children. This means that we will not buy advertising in programs with an audience profile higher than 35% 1 of children less than 12 years of age. We are sensitive to the fact that children may also be watching programs with their family, and we make every attempt to ensure that our advertising is appropriate for a general audience.

Internet and Mobile Phones
The Coca-Cola Company recognizes the growing use of the Internet and mobile phones amongst children. While we believe the Internet can be a wonderful learning tool and mobile phones may be considered a necessity, The Coca-Cola Company will not buy advertising on Internet sites/mobile phones directly targeted to children. Where data is available, we will not place our marketing messages on Internet or mobile phone programs where more than 35% 1 of the audience is comprised of children.

As a global business, we respect and recognize the unique learning environment of schools and believe in commercial-free classrooms for children. We will make every attempt not to commercially advertise in primary schools, and we will not offer our beverages for sale in primary schools. If requested to do so by parents and caregivers or school authorities to meet hydration needs, we will endeavor to meet those requests. (Read our Global School Beverage Guidelines ).

Youth Education
Our system supports education programs for children in local communities throughout the world, particularly programming focused on promoting active healthy living. Any brand presence in educational programming for children will simply indicate sponsorship, and will not be for the purposes of advertising.

The Coca-Cola Company is committed to monitoring and measuring our adherence to this Policy across all the markets we serve.

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