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Slingshot™: How It Works

By:  The Coca-Cola Company Sep 24, 2013

Committed to addressing the global challenge of safe water access, in 2012, at the Clinton Global Initiative, The Coca-Cola Company announced a partnership with DEKA R&D to deliver Slingshot™ water purification systems to schools, community centers and health clinics in rural communities in countries throughout Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Slingshot Unit

Developed by DEKA R&D, the Slingshot technology is a vapor compression distillation system capable of purifying any type of dirty water –river water, ocean water and even raw sewage – into clean, drinking water. The unit will also purify water with microorganisms and parasites. The technology operates in a similar way to that which nature cleans water – the system boils and evaporates any dirty water source and then allows the pure water to condense and be collected, flushing out contaminants. Slingshot delivers approximately 800 liters of clean water daily at the hourly electricity cost of less than a standard handheld hair dryer (1kWh).

Slingshot is ideal for use in rural areas as it can be plugged into the local grid or powered by other locally available and renewable power sources including solar cells, batteries, and DEKA R&D‘s Stirling electric generator, which runs on biogases such as methane from local waste sources.

By 2015, Coca-Cola and partners plan to bring 100 million liters of clean, safe drinking water to 45,000 people across 20 countries.  

At The Coca-Cola Company, we aim to share the collective power and know-how of the system with the people who need it most. We strive to help create opportunities in local communities – helping individuals to build their skill sets and knowledge base with the hope that they may succeed. The success of each healthy and happy individual is success that can have a ripple effect. And that is a very good thing.

Our hope is that EKOCENTER, equipped with Slingshot™ units, will have a positive effect on local communities – those most in need of access to safe drinking water. By improving access to clean water through the EKOCENTERS, we hope to divert time spent fetching of finding clean water into education, employment and overall individual empowerment.