Smoke-Free Indoor Workplace Policy (Global)

By:  The Coca-Cola Company Jan 1, 2012

Smoke-Free Indoor Workplace Policy (Global)

1.0 Policy Purpose
Aligned with our People goal of being a great place to work and our commitments to well-being, The Coca-Cola Company (the "Company" or "TCCC"), is committed to creating a safe and healthy work environment.  The Company, therefore, prohibits smoking inside Company facilities.  

The Company encourages associates to consider the health implications of smoking and encourages the use of smoking cessation programs and related resources.    

2.0 Policy Details
The Company prohibits smoking of tobacco or similar products including, but not limited to, cigarettes, cigars, pipes, smokeless tobacco and electronic cigarettes, inside any Company facility. 

This policy applies to all Company indoor work areas at all times, including before, during and after normal working hours. 

Designated outside smoking areas may be available for associates who choose to smoke, consistent with applicable laws and regulations.

Smoking in Company vehicles is not addressed in this policy. In some parts of our business, existing policies prohibit smoking and tobacco use in Company vehicles; associates should follow local smoke-free/tobacco-free policies regarding smoking in Company vehicles.

The Company encourages associates who choose to smoke to consider the health implications of doing so and encourages the use of smoking cessation programs and related resources.

3.0 Applicability
This policy applies to all associates of TCCC, including all Business Units, divisions, subsidiaries, affiliates and legal entities of TCCC, Non-Company Resources (also referred to as Non-Employee Workers or NEWs) and all vendors, visitors and guests.

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