Coca-Cola has partnered with UNICEF for more than years across the world on projects that help children survive and thrive, from early childhood through adolescence. In 2005, for example, The Coca-Cola Foundation of Bolivia and UNICEF started “Escuelas Amigas,” to offer quality education to thousands of children, decreasing school dropout rates and repositioning school as a friendly and interactive institution.

UNICEF also has been a critical partner in The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation’s (TCCAF) Replenish Africa Initiative (RAIN). In 2012, for example, UNICEF and TCCAF launched a partnership to provide Egyptians in rural and urban areas with wider access to improved water services, reducing water health hazards, and increasing water productivity.

In the United States, The Coca-Cola Foundation, University of Florida, CARE and UNICEF established the Coca-Cola World Citizen Program at the University of Florida. The program provides international internships to graduate and professional level students from the University of Florida to assist with projects in developing countries in Latin and Central America, and Africa.