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The Business of Recycling

By:  The Coca-Cola Company Jan 1, 2012
The Business of Recycling

We continually assess the recycling capabilities of the communities where we operate and support recycling projects of all sizes that recover packaging and integrate it back into our system.

In North America we have an entire team, Coca-Cola Recycling, dedicated to increasing the collection of used beverage containers.  We work to expand access to recycling and increase participation through education and outreach. 

Since 2008, we have placed more than more than 150,000 recycle bins in communities across the United States and Canada.   Some of these donated bins can be found on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., where we worked with the National Park Service to establish a sustainable recycling program. More than 200 tons of recyclables were collected in the program's first year.  Working through Keep America Beautiful, the Coca-Cola Bin Grant Program has awarded more than 20,000 recycling bins to communities, colleges and special events.  And, each year, our Recycling Education Vehicles  travel across the United States and Canada, talking to consumers at more than 250 events about the importance of recycling.    

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