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Good things happen when people come together. They share ideas and innovations, which in turn foster community and creates workable solutions that help individuals and neighborhoods thrive.

That’s why we encourage you to send us your comments and feedback. Your voice counts, whether it’s a high-five for a fitness initiative we’re working on, a suggestion for improving Coca-Cola packaging or a recommendation for a project we should support.

We want to hear your personal stories, too — about grassroots action in your community that’s made a difference or obstacles you’ve overcome while trying to live a balanced life. Maybe you’ve figured out a way to carve out extra time for exercise every day, or you’ve actually convinced your kids to enjoy their veggies.

We know moving forward means moving together as a team. So beyond sharing your thoughts, we want you to tell us what you think, and be part of the global discussion and action.

Submit your ideas by sending us an email to comingtogether@coca-cola.com.