We believe that every community, every stakeholder and every sector – including

The Coca-Cola Company – must work together to find workable solutions to the challenging and complex issue of obesity. That’s why we created the “Coming Together” campaign, which explains what we are doing both as a company and in collaboration with others to help address obesity.

“Coming Together” also highlights some of the steps we are taking to deliver a greater choice of beverages, including low- and no-calorie options, and to clearly and transparently communicate the calorie content of all of our products. We will continue to advocate for collaboration in addressing obesity, because that’s where the solutions lie.

We know that moderation is a key component of an active, healthy and balanced lifestyle – and that we all need to make sensible choices to meet our individual nutrition and calorie needs. That’s why we believe that all foods and beverages can have a place in a sensible, balanced diet when combined with regular physical activity.

Today we are continuing to engage in this important conversation by introducing a new infographic, which illustrates the many sources of calories in the American diet, including beverages. It also explains why physical activity has declined and how much we should be moving.

We hope this graphic will help people understand, in a simple way, how to manage their weight by keeping calories in balance, including those contributed by our beverages. Obesity will not be solved easily or overnight, but raising awareness, sharing the facts and helping everyone to be better informed are important actions we need to take – together – starting now.

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