Jumping Through Hoops

What fun 1950s' trend is sweeping the nation right now? If you answered poodle skirts, guess again! It’s the Hula Hoop and it may just change your health for the better. Over the last several years, younger generations have embraced “hooping” and have found it to be a great low-impact form of exercise and self-expression. Dancing with Hula Hoops is becoming a hot new class at studios, gyms, and…Read More

Lawmakers Take It To The (Baseball) Park

Each summer, Washingtonians look forward to the moment when Members of Congress take a break from lawmaking and have some fun. We’re not talking about the August recess, but rather the annual Congressional Baseball Game for Charity. On June 13, The Coca-Cola Company had a front-row seat to the long-standing athletic rivalry between Republicans and Democrats from both chambers of Congress. The…Read More

Fun Workouts to Do With Your Dog

Those adoring eyes, that wagging tail, the happy-go-lucky grin: your dog is a furry ball of love. But what you may not realize is that he’s also a natural fitness partner. The American Heart Association recently reported that dog owners tend to be in better physical condition than non–pet parents: they have a lower risk of heart disease, a reduced incidence of obesity, an increased level of…Read More

The Bicycle Doctor Fixes Bikes and Inspires Bikers

Being active every day is important. Even kids know that. Then why is it that so many adults can’t find the time to exercise? At Coca-Cola Germany, we know there’s a simple solution to making exercise an everyday part of your life: Ride your bike to work! The Bike Doctor can help you! Ride to work? Sure, you’d like to ride your bike but it’s down in the basement sitting in a corner with flat…Read More

Coca-Cola Russia Launches Active Healthy Living Advisory Board

A newly formed Coca-Cola advisory board dedicated to active, healthy living held its first meeting earlier this month at the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration in Moscow. The first-of-its-kind board, which consists of Russian athletes, scientists, physicians, government officials and other opinion leaders, will provide Coca-Cola Russia with guidance and…Read More

Powerade Zero Drops: Water's New Best Friend

For the past 25 years Powerade and Powerade Zero have hydrated athletes around the world—whether that’s playing pick-up basketball, flashing football skills on the 50-yard line or squeezing in one last set at the gym before class. Now, Powerade Zero is taking its zero-calorie hydration solution, with ION4 Advanced Electrolyte System, out of the bottle and putting it into a new drops form.This is…Read More

Fun Summer Activities: Juggling With Our Feet

Today we’ll talk about a truly global sports activity – one that people of all ages are enjoying right now all over the world. This is a great way to have fun while building coordination and it’s even better with friends. The object is to keep the football from hitting the ground while getting as many touches on the ball as possible. Only one rule: No hands! Step 1: Get a football (or “soccer…Read More

Fun Ways to Get Your Whole Family Moving

It’s tough trying to carve out quality time for your family while also finding space in your busy schedule to make fitness a lifestyle habit. Luckily there’s an easy solution: combine the two, so you breaking a sweat and living healthy become a spirited family effort. “Being active as a family burns calories, builds strength, increases life expectancy, and also, it’s a great way to bond,” says…Read More

Genius Products For Portion Control

When it comes to eating healthy, how much you consume is just as important as what you consume. And if you’re judging your intake by eyeballing what’s on your plate, you’re probably racking up more calories per meal than you think.“Most people tend to wildly underestimate their meal sizes, and that packs on the pounds over time, even if they eat nutritiously,” explains Angela Ginn, RD, a…Read More