burn PRESENTS: Human Ignition - Official Trailer

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Explore the future frontiers of Formula 1 with burn and the Lotus F1® Team.. With American director Bryan Gregg at the helm, whose previous work includes Emmy award winning Discovery Channel...

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  • 'Teriyaan Tu Jaane' Music Video - Promo - Amit Trivedi - Coke Studio @ MTV Season 4 Thumbnail
    'Teriyaan Tu Jaane' Music Video - Promo - Amit Trivedi - Coke Studio @ MTV Season 4
    As we embark on another beautiful journey of ‪#‎CokeStudioAtMTV‬ Season 4, we bring to you an EXCLUSIVE Promo of Amit Trivedi performing the first song of the new season: 'Teriyaan Tu... 
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  • Heart Thumbnail
    An animation of the Coca-Cola bottle cap as the beating heart of the bottle featuring the original song by Francesco Yates for the 2015 Coca-Cola bottle anniversary campaign titled “Nobody... 
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  • Happiest Bottle / Generous World Thumbnail
    Happiest Bottle / Generous World
    A lighthearted, pay it forward story with the Coca-Cola bottle at the heart of the narrative. This spot is an engaging narrative of sharing and connecting people in a fun way with the intriguing... 
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  • Taste Thumbnail
    Celebrating a moment of real deliciousness and refreshment when a bottle of Coca-Cola kick-starts the journey of a new love affair. It evokes the anticipation, crave and ultimately the satisfaction... 
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  • Tale of Contour Thumbnail
    Tale of Contour
    Tale of Contour is an epic tale about the creation of the Coca-Cola bottle, as narrated by a big brother to his younger sibling. The bottle travels through distant lands and curious settings,... 
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  • Surfing Thumbnail
    Viewers are treated to a surf ride along the rolling, wavy, contour surface of a Coca-Cola bottle. 
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  • Kiss Happiness Thumbnail
    Kiss Happiness
    An inspiring story that celebrates the first (& timeless) kiss of Coca-Cola in the beautiful bottle. From the delightful sound of the bottle opening, to the moment when your lips “kiss”... 
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  • In The Dark – Happy Birthday Thumbnail
    In The Dark – Happy Birthday
    See the Coca-Cola bottle's iconic shape lit in the darkness- brought to life with a fun celebratory soundtrack. 
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  • Psssssft Thumbnail
    The viewer is treated to the signature sound of the Coca-Cola bottle top being clipped off by an opener, and the jovial 'psssssft' sound that accompanies it. 
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  • 3/37 Degrees Thumbnail
    3/37 Degrees
    In pursuit of the perfectly chilled Coca-Cola, the cap serves as a knob to adjust the temperature to 37° F/ 3° C. A Coca-Cola tastes happiest at 37°/ 3° C. 
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  • Curves Thumbnail
    Curves” takes the viewer on a beautiful journey across the surface of an ice-cold, perspiring bottle of Coca-Cola. As the bottle top pops off, viewers are greeted with the phrase “Ooohs... 
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  • Roller Coaster Thumbnail
    Roller Coaster
    Roller Coaster plays on the exciting vibrating sound of a roller coaster approaching the peak before the fall, mimicking these sounds as an ice-cold bottle of Coca-Cola is poured into a glass.... 
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