Energizing Refreshment (1/6): Bottles

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Creator: Ken Arlidge (kenarlidge) Origin: United States In 2011, Coca-Cola and eYeka issued a challenge to the web's creative community: express the Energizing Refreshment of Coke in a series of short films. These six films were selected for their creativity and positive energy. Watch the whole series at http://Coca-Cola.com/EnergizingRefreshment

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  • Coca-Cola Light - Animate a seguir el ritual Thumbnail
    Coca-Cola Light - Animate a seguir el ritual
    Coca-Cola Light con limón en su máxima expresión. ¿Ya lo probaste? 
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  • Fanta Switzerland Thumbnail
    Fanta Switzerland
    Fanta presents Fanta Instamix 
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  • Coca-Cola - Відкривай нові слова та статуси! Thumbnail
    Coca-Cola - Відкривай нові слова та статуси!
    Ділись радістю на сайті https://my.coca-cola.ua/ 
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  • Tea party tips round 3, sucka Thumbnail
    Tea party tips round 3, sucka
    Float above the competition and be the life of the tea party. 
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  • Dr Pepper College Football – One of A Kind Tradition Thumbnail
    Dr Pepper College Football – One of A Kind Tradition
    What’s the greatest tradition in college football? If you said the two-year old playoff that Larry invented, you are correct. If you said something else, maybe it’s time to ask yourself if you're really even a college football fan. 
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  • The Sprite Corner: Joey Fatts | Full Recap Thumbnail
    The Sprite Corner: Joey Fatts | Full Recap
    Today, Joey Fatts is a producer/rapper on the rise. Not so long ago, the East Long Beach native was homeless, living out of and making beats in his car, trying to make his dreams happen. “I wanted to be an artist,” he says, “because I needed an outlet to express how I felt about things.” A magical phone call from ASAP Rocky may have changed the course of his life, but rap is just a gateway to something even greater for him. “I’d rather be known as a good man,” he explains. “Rap is just an outlet to meet new people and to change lives for people going through the same thing as I went through.” Even in the worst of times, the one-time football standout says you have to stay up. “The struggle is temporary; that’s how you’ve got to look at it,” he says. “Somebody next to you is going through something way harder than you. You know what I mean. You’ve got to stay positive and optimistic about everything,” he advises. 
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  • Sprite POUR Presents New York Artist Sue Tsai Thumbnail
    Sprite POUR Presents New York Artist Sue Tsai
    “People have a lot of opinions and it’s important to stay true to what you believe,” says New York-based artist, designer, and entrepreneur, Sue Tsai. It’s clear from her work that Tsai believes in living boldly by portraying her experiences with honesty and realness. A bright collision of pop culture, fashion, tattoo flash and hip-hop iconography, her artwork seeks to examine materialism, heartbreak, and female identity. Read the full story at http://www.spritepour.com Are you building the next killer App? Or maybe you're the next great artist, designer, or musician? Reach out to one of the Sprite P.O.U.R reporters and let them know. You may be on our cover next.  Follow Valerie Lora at: Instagram: @valerielora Twitter: @valerielora Follow Frenchy at: Instagram: @thekidfrench Twitter: @thekidfrench Follow Sidney Michelle at: Instagram: @sidmich_ Twitter: @sidmich_ 
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  • ‘Hilltop’ Revisited Thumbnail
    ‘Hilltop’ Revisited
    The Hilltop Song is a classic 1971, ground breaking commercial by Coca-Cola, that portrayed the message of world peace and unity through a video that brought together youth belonging to different cultures, on the top of a hill. On August 21, 2015, AIESEC's young leaders from 118 countries and territories gathered in India for the annual International Congress 2015 to prepare for their 2020 vision that will enable them to accomplish their long-term vision of 'peace and fulfilment of humankind's potential'. In partnership with Coca-Cola India, AIESEC decided to recreate the Hilltop Song to reaffirm the fact that love and peace are what the world needs. Learn more: http://CokeURL.com/hxkbx 
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  • #MoveNantes avec Coca-Cola & The Rookies Thumbnail
    #MoveNantes avec Coca-Cola & The Rookies
    Du 22 août au 10 octobre 2015, Coca-Cola organise la tournée « MoveMyCity ». Pour défendre les couleurs de votre ville, rendez-vous Samedi 29 août à partir de 11h, Place de Bretagne à Nantes. Sur place, vous pourrez profiter de nombreuses animations pour bouger et danser sur les musiques de Just Dance. Vous pourrez également assister aux démos du collectif de Street Dance The Rookies. Plein d'autres surprises sont au programme. Retrouvez Coca-Cola sur : • Facebook https://www.facebook.com/cocacolafrance • Twitter http://twitter.com/cocacolafr • Snapchat @cocacolafr Song Title - "The Choice is Yours" Artist name - Darius Dante Van Dijk Written by - Darius Dante Van Dijk Published by - Dealers of Music Publishing on behalf of Darius Dante Productions Courtesy of - The Coca-Cola Company 
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  • Reportage #MoveMyCity Stalingrad Image
    Reportage #MoveMyCity Stalingrad
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  • The Sprite Corner: Comedy Night | Crystian Ramirez Thumbnail
    The Sprite Corner: Comedy Night | Crystian Ramirez
    Comedian Crystian Ramirez starts with the truth, finds the comedy and then delivers the laughs. #ObeyYourThirst 
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  • The Sprite Corner: Comedy Night | Michelle Buteau Thumbnail
    The Sprite Corner: Comedy Night | Michelle Buteau
    Michelle Buteau keeps her comedy fresh by always relying on her voice and never second guessing herself. #ObeyYourThirst 
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