Coca-Cola’s role in solving the plastic crisis | Coca-Cola Australia

The world has a packaging problem and as the world’s biggest beverage company we have a responsibility to help solve it. We don’t want beverage containers in our oceans or landfill, we want them to be recycled.

We need to challenge ourselves to do more. To lead. To take risks. And to grow with conscience by doing business the right way, not just the easy way.

That is why we design, collect and partner so that our packaging is both made of recycled material and can be recycled to have another life.

Our plastic bottles and cans are already 100% recyclable, including the caps and labels. We’ve also reduced plastics use by doing things like reducing the plastic per bottle. We’ve also made a nationwide switch to biodegradable paper drinking straws.

Since 1996 we’ve been increasing the amount of recycled plastic we use when making our bottles. In 2018 we introduced our first range of bottles made from 100% recycled materials – all single serve Mount Franklin still water (600ml and below).

Today about 24% of the plastic we use for bottles is recycled plastic and we are ramping that up so before the end of 2019, more than half of the raw plastic material we buy for bottles will have already been used before.

That means by the end of the year 70% our plastic bottles will be made entirely from recycled plastic.

This is a major milestone for plastic packaging in Australia. It means all our brands like Coca-Cola across soft drinks, water and juice – 600ml and under - will be made entirely from recycled plastic.

This move will reduce our use of new plastic by around 10,000 tonnes a year from 2020.

We hope that our increased demand for recycled plastic sets a new benchmark for the beverages industry, which may drive further local investment in plastic recycling infrastructure.

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