Does Coca-Cola market to children?

In keeping with a long standing policy, Coca-Cola Australia and its local bottling partners do not aim or direct any media marketing activity from any source to children under the age of 12. The intent of this policy is to impose limitations and conditions on marketing to children under 12 and to prevent interference with parental guidance with regard to diet. This policy is not intended to prevent the Company or our local bottlers from engaging in advertising or promotional efforts directed to activities of a family nature. For more info click here.

We do not directly target children under 12 in any media for any brand messaging. For more info click here.

We do not show children under 12 in advertising or promotional materials consuming the Company's beverages. For more info click here.

All Company-sponsored sampling events will be directed to people over the age of 12. For more info click here

We will not promote our brands to children under 12 in schools and will respect their classroom as a commercial-free zone. For more info click here.

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