What happened to Coke Life?

Coke Life was first launched in Argentina in 2013, and was introduced in Australia two years later in 2015 as a lower kilojoule option for consumers.

The drink contained a mix of sugar and stevia-leaf extract, and had 35% less sugar and kilojoules than the regular Coca-Cola drink. It was available in a variety of cans and bottles from the regular 250ml can to the 1.2 litre bottles.

Coca-Cola Life was on Australian shelves until early 2017 before its formula was updated and rebranded as Coca-Cola with Stevia. The updated drink still serves as a lower kilojoule option for consumers but now contains 50% less sugar and kilojoules than Coca-Cola Classic.

While Coca-Cola Life is no longer available in Australia, it is still available in some other parts of the world.

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