Only a few people in the world know the formula of Coca-Cola. 

After Dr. John S. Pemberton invented Coca-Cola in 1886, the formula was kept a close secret, only shared with a small group and not written down.

In 1891, Asa Candler became the sole proprietor of Coca-Cola after purchasing the rights to the business. Then, in 1919, Ernest Woodruff and a group of investors purchased the Company from Asa and his family.

To finance the purchase Ernest arranged a loan and as collateral he provided documentation of the formula by asking Asa Candler’s son to write the formula down. This was placed in a vault in the Guaranty Bank in New York until the loan was repaid in 1925.

At that point, Ernest reclaimed the secret formula and returned it to Atlanta and placed it in the Trust Company Bank (now SunTrust).

In 2011, as Coca-Cola celebrated its 125th global anniversary, the secret formula was moved to a vault at the World of Coca-Cola.