Apply for a Grant

Coca-Cola Australia Foundation

The mission of the Coca-Cola Australia Foundation (CCAF) is to create possibilities for a brighter, more sustainable future for Australians today and generations to come. The CCAF offers grants to organisations with projects that align with this mission.

Employee Connected Grants

Employee Connected grants support local causes and charities connected to our employees, up to $25,000 as a one-off grant.

To be eligible, organisations must have DGR (Item 1) status and their program must build capability for young Australians aged 13-19 by addressing:

  • Optimism;
  • Empowerment;
  • Increased possibilities for a positive life;
  • Wellbeing (emotional, physical and social) and/or;
  • The Environment (climate change, waste & recycling, your local environment)

Other Eligibility Criteria and Guidelines also apply. Please check them carefully before applying. You should also check the FAQs.

Flagship Partner Grants

Flagship Partner grants are a three-year partnership providing up to $200,000 per annum for a specified issue. One Flagship Partner will be appointed in 2020.

Upcoming grants

The 2020 Employee Connected grant submissions are now closed.