Behind the Scenes of the New Coca-Cola Commercial

Behind the Scenes of the New Coca-Cola Commercial


For more than 100 years, people have enjoyed Coca-Cola at home, work, the beach, at parties, with friends, in quiet moments and loud ones. We choose when and where to take our ‘Coke moment’ - and the amount that’s right for each of us.

This is the simple message behind Coca-Cola’s new $1.6 million television commercial, “In the Right Amount”.

The global production had a South American director, was filmed over two months in Romania with European actors, and screened in Australia before anywhere else in the world.

“The campaign focuses on the message that Coca-Cola products, like all things in life, are best enjoyed in the right amount for you,” said Marina Saroka, creative excellence manager at Coca-Cola in Buenos Aires.

The 30-second commercial shows a handful of interactions between characters, with each demonstrating how we enjoy different activities in different amounts.

Take love, for example. According to the commercial, there’s a difference between being smothered in kisses by family on your birthday and a gentle caress from your loved one. 

Another section of the commercial shows the difference between being isolated and engrossed in technology, and using it constructively to connect with people around us. 

“We loved the way the director wanted every vignette to tell a story,” said Marina. “It’s a positive and liberating message told with a sense of humour”

As a global company, Coca-Cola understands that wherever its customers are in the world, they have different lifestyles with different levels of activity. No two people are the same.

According to Marina, the commercial aims to celebrate difference while also speaking to our universal experiences.

“The thinking behind the campaign is that we all love to enjoy the good things in life, those things that give us pleasure and happiness – like love, rest, technology, goodies, or a really cold Coca-­Cola,” Marina said.

“But as the commercial says, everything is more enjoyable in the right amount. That’s the message we try to convey through humour and situations that everyone can identify with.”

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