Coca-Cola Celebrates Made in Australia for 80 years

Coca-Cola Celebrates Made in Australia for 80 years

From humble beginnings in a single Sydney factory, this year marks 80 years of Coca-Cola being made and shared down under. 

In 1938, after years of sending products from the USA in shipping containers, Coca-Cola decided to make a permanent home in Australia. Fast forward to 2018 and Coca-Cola in Australia has grown from one drink to more than 165.

To celebrate we’re taking a look back at some of our most iconic moments and continuing to make some new ones.

Flipping the script

One of these new memories is a world-first. We’re flipping our iconic logo upside down on one of the largest billboards in the country, the Kings Cross Coca-Cola sign.

To celebrate our history across the decades we’re releasing a locally produced television commercial. Paying tribute to our first 80 years down under, the television commercial will make its debut during the Australian Football League and National Rugby League football grand finals this weekend.

“Coca-Cola has long been a part of the fabric of Australian culture and community,” said Christine Black, Coca-Cola Australia’s director of public affairs, communication and sustainability.

“From the yo-yo craze of the 60s and 70s, the Surfabout competitions of the 80s, sponsorship of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, our backing of the NRL and AFL to more recently, our proud support for marriage equality with limited-edition ‘Love’ cans.”


The evolution of Coca-Cola from one famous drink to a total beverage company

Australia’s tastes have changed over time and so has Coca-Cola’s range of beverages. In 1983, Coca-Cola introduced its first low sugar option in Diet Coke before introducing Coke No Sugar in 2017.

Australia has also been able to boast world-first flavours, being the first market to try new products like Coke Ginger, Coke Coffee No Sugar and Coke Orange No Sugar.

Many of Coca-Cola’s locally produced products have been fan favourites as well, including Sprite, Fanta, and Lift. Today, the Coca-Cola system in Australia’s portfolio contains 165 drinks ranging across 25 brands.


By Australians, for Australians

Coca-Cola has a long employment history in Australia. In 2018 Coca-Cola Australia and Coca-Cola Amatil employ almost 4,000 employees directly, with another 10,000 employed through production and supply.

Beyond just the people we employ, we also help create economic opportunity throughout the local economy. With every Australian job we create, up to four more are indirectly created across the country, contributing approximately $3.5 billion to the Australian economy every year.  


Supporting the community

Whether donating money or our time, we take our responsibility to the community we call home seriously. Coca-Cola Australia is determined to help make a difference through work with charities including the Coca-Cola Australia Foundation as well as our partnership with the Salvation Army at Christmas.

In 2016, Coca-Cola even auctioned off the old letters of the iconic Kings Cross sign, with the proceeds being donated to The Wayside Chapel.

“We never expected we would end up raising more than $100,000 – money that is now going toward helping people who need it the most,” Christine Black said.

Stay tuned for exclusive behind the scenes footage from the TV commercial, insight into Coca-Cola’s local history and a look at some of Australia’s most quirky collectors.

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