Coca-Cola Launches a Little Wonder

Coca-Cola Launches a Little Wonder

Good things, they say, come in small packages. Further proof is given to the adage by the fact that the Coca-Cola beverage range now comes in a ‘perfectly small’ 250ml can.

“Bigger isn't always better,” explained Lisa Winn, Marketing Director, Coca-Cola South Pacific. “That's why we're looking at smaller package sizes - so consumers can enjoy a taste they love in a size that suits their needs.”

Coca-Cola, Coke Zero, Diet Coke, Coke with Vanilla, Fanta, Lift and Sprite will all appear in the svelte new serving sizes, which roll out across the country this month. The release of the new product comes after market research by Coca-Cola found that consumers are demanding a smaller portion size.

Gary Dawson, Chief Executive, Australian Food & Grocery Council lauded the decision, explaining that it is a positive step to offer consumers more choice when it comes to portion size. “It's fantastic to see an iconic brand such as Coca-Cola making smaller package sizes more widely available at price that consumers can enjoy,” he said.

The move toward the smaller serving size is part of the company's dedication to tackling obesity, offering a range of choices for customers to enjoy. “Last year we publicly committed to offering and promoting greater choice, smaller portions, and more products with less and zero kilojoules,” said Lisa. “We're serious about smaller portion sizes, and we're investing at an unprecedented level to make smaller portions more widely available across Australia.”

The Australian market has long been a frontline of innovation for Coca-Cola, launching both its low kilojoule product, Coke Zero, and its ‘Share a Coke’ campaign before going worldwide. “We are a bold brand, and always innovating,” explained Lisa.

And, when it comes to price, the case for smaller is incontrovertible.* “Priced at a maximum of $2, the 250ml can is expected to be popular with consumers,” said Antoinette Tyrrell, Marketing Manager Coca-Cola South Pacific. “The Australian market is perfectly placed for innovation in the category.”

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