We love flavour!

We love flavour!

Around the world Australia has a strong reputation for quality produce and flavours. It’s no mistake that people who’ve visited Australia rank us as the number 2 destination in the world for quality cuisine.

This strength comes from our produce, our diversity and our willingness to experiment with flavour.

Around the world Australia has a strong reputation for quality produce and flavours.

As commercialisation manager at Coca-Cola, Amanda Wu is at the forefront of understanding of what Australians love to taste in their beverages. “Australians are bold and courageous and won’t accept anything less than the right balance of flavour,” she said.

As part of the Technical team, Amanda is responsible for tracking the new ideas that come from the research and development division right through to the product launching into the market - a process that can take up to a year.

Working on Coca-ColaFantaSprite and Cascade varieties Amanda could be working on several product developments at any one time, all in different stages from concept to completion.

“We look at so many factors. We have to get the right balance of taste, to reduce sugar where we can, we look at packaging, how the product is going to be stored and transported,” Amanda said. “It’s a thorough and rigorous process. We’re trying to shorten the process constantly as we love to be agile and jump on new flavour trends as they occur,” she said.

Coca-Cola Ginger

Just as Amanda joined the Technical team last summer, she saw one of the first limited edition Coke varieties hit the market - Coca-Cola Ginger. Spicy and tangy, the limited-edition variety was launched in December 2016.

From pizza to banh mi, Coca-Cola Ginger proved a versatile accompaniment to the food flavours Australians love and was an instant hit. But Coca-Cola Ginger was just the start of more innovations to come.

Coca-Cola Plus Coffee No Sugar

Next to the market was Coca-Cola Plus Coffee No Sugar.

There’s no doubt Aussies love coffee and we are proud to be on the forefront when it comes to developing new ways to perfectly brew and consume it.

Today’s rainbow of coffee habits has moved through tea rations, prohibition/temperance years, American GIs and milk bars, and Mediterranean migration post-World War Two. In many ways, the history of coffee in Australia is a mirror of our own modern history.

Speaking to our love of the taste, almost half of all Australians drink coffee, so limited-edition Coke Coffee hit the shelves in 2017.

Coca-Cola Raspberry

Delicious, surprising and oh so fresh raspberry is the taste of the summer.

Coca-Cola Raspberry is the latest iteration in Coca-Cola’s portfolio of innovative flavours.

“We’re in a real push for innovation at the moment. We’re all challenging each other around the world to come up with the best ideas,” said Daniel Glover, Coca-Cola South Pacific brand manager with a laugh “Luckily we love the competition.”

“It’s true,” said Amanda Wu. “We all help each other, but we love to be the first to come up with a new idea.”

When it came to deciding that Raspberry was the next flavour to integrate with Coke, Daniel said the research indicated the taste was a front runner with Australians, particularly young adults.

“I think it’s a perfect fit not only by the type of flavour but also the time of year. Summer is the time when people are out trying new things so it’s the right time to come out with a fun new fusion of flavour for them to try,” Daniel said.

While it’s only recently hit shelves in Coles and independent supermarkets, the drink is already being well-received by many of those lucky enough to have a sip.

“For me, it’s not just the way I’d describe the flavour but how other people do. Everytime I share it with someone the first thing they say is it’s ‘unexpectedly fun’ and ‘really refreshing,” Daniel said.

The new drink is also in line with Coca-Cola’s mission to create new products with a significant reduction in sugar, containing 25% less sugar than Classic Coke.

“It’s core for Coca-Cola moving forward that we reduce sugar in our products, and provide options for consumers. We’ve been fortunate enough to have the innovation team come up with new ideas that don’t compromise on flavour and enjoyment, while still reducing sugar,” said Daniel.

Having already hit stores across New Zealand Raspberry is the latest in the line of inspiration and innovation Amanda Wu and the Technical team are secretly working away on. Watch this space.

Coca-Cola Raspberry is available in all major and independent retailers across the country in a range of different pack formats and sizes including the 200ml mini can and 330ml glass bottle.

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