#CutThroughTheHeat Sprite Showers Hit Bondi Beach

#CutThroughTheHeat Sprite Showers Hit Bondi Beach

This summer’s set to be a scorcher. To help beat the heat, a gargantuan soda machine was set up to douse beachgoers on Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach last weekend, while Sprite Heroes handed out ice-cold cans of sugar-free Sprite Zero.

It was all part of an innovative guerrilla marketing campaign that originated in Sau Paulo, Brazil, the Sprite Showers giving sun-lovers a chance to cool off under a stream of refreshing water (not lemonade).


Along with the enormous post-mix dispenser, visitors could take selfies with the hero of the campaign, the Sprite Saver, while an MC encouraged visitors to get among the action.

To ensure no awkward moment went unspotted, the Sprite Saver, replete with handlebar moustache and sea-green cossies, patrolled the crowd and encouraged beachgoers to keep their cool.

So if you're ever out on another beach trip, look around for the nearest Sprite Saver and his ultimate weapon against the heat, the Sprite Showers.

Keep up to date on Sprite Showers whereabouts via the Sprite Facebook page.

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