Fanta Pants makes thirsty runway-goers a thing of the past

Fanta Pants makes thirsty runway-goers a thing of the past

If you were, or knew, someone with red hair in any Australian primary school, odds on someone threw around the term ‘fanta pants’ at least once.

But we’ve all come a long way from teasing on the monkey bars, and so too has our favourite red-headed term of endearment. In celebration of just how fierce Fanta can be, we’ve gone ahead and created our very own, cutting edge, fashion forward Fanta pants.

“It was quite intriguing to be honest,” said fashion design student Brie Wakefield. She’s talking about her role in the Fanta Pants fashion line, a cheeky collaboration between Fanta and five up and coming Australian designers.

“When you think of fashion, it’s not that often that a food or a drink brand does a collaboration with fashion,” Brie said. “That’s why it was so intriguing - something different, I thought well I may as well give it a go.”

Brie and other designers from the Fashion Institute submitted their designs as part of a competition for the opportunity to give consumers the chance to take their love of orange bubbles to the next level. “The brief was to bring the vivacity of Fanta to life with practical enhancements to make sure sipping at home, on the streets of Australia or even on the runway, was possible,” Brie said.

The imagining of a Fanta inspired fashion forward collaboration resulted in compositions from the quirky to the practical. The collection includes a transparent jacket with built in straws, a bum bag with insulated pockets, and the piece de resistance: tangerine velvet trousers.  

Designer Farnoz Shay was behind the flared pants. The design came to her in the nick of time. “At first I didn’t think much about the contest, but later I had all these ideas come in of things I would wear myself,” Farnoz said.

“Just before the deadline it all came to me. It’s something I would wear, something very bright and unique,” she said.

Redheads are often told they shouldn’t wear orange, but flame-haired designer Phoebe Blogg got out of her comfort zone and into the brief to create the transparent jacket.

“Especially in fashion, if you don’t try, you just don’t grow,” Phoebe said.

“I used the Fanta logo in a way it hasn’t been used before. I did it with clear perspex, and the orange lining on the sides, and the Fanta will go through the straws,” Phoebe said.

While edgy bum bags aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, Fanta brand manager Josh Gonski is leading the charge for the quirky collection, backed by Fanta fans. “We noticed that Fanta fans are interested in cutting edge fashion and design trends,” Josh said. “The whole Fanta Pants idea is a marriage of edgy and artistic. It’s an omni-sensorial experience that looks as good as Fanta tastes, with a cheeky bit of humour.”

For the chance to get your hands on the Fanta Pants collection, check out Fanta on Facebook and Instagram.

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